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  1. Blooming Tuber crash

    I will try to reproduce it...thanks
  2. Blooming Tuber crash

    And sorry for the bad english...english not good.
  3. I was playing as Wilba and I had Blooming Tuber in my inventory, (it was Lush season so all the tuber trees was bloomed), and then the Aporkalypse begins and all the bloomed tuber trees turned into tuber trees,I was just going on a rampage as Werepig Wilba (WereWilba) and that moment a Thunderbird set on fire a tuber tree and then a big CRASH saved right before the Aporkalypse...but I learned my lesson and ate the Blooming Tuber and everything was ok from there ... .I don't know what happend there. Maybe the Blooming Tuber is not the problem ..... but I just want to say it .... maybe will help ..... maybe not.