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  1. Character disappear (interior beta)

    The shop seller disappears too
  2. Character disappear (interior beta)

    Sure, I just submitted the bug report saveindex_hamlet_beta_backup.txt
  3. After killing the mant queen, my character disappears even if I re-login the game. The shadow monster attacks me also disappear at the same time, I think all mob disappear too Can't move or do anything. Cant even die. This happened 2 times in a row The beta is too buggy
  4. Guards have torches during the day

    When a pig guard uses all the durability of their axe, they will change to torch. When you kill them, they will not drop the axe either. I don't think it is a bug, it just sucks (their axe should have unlimited uses when they use them)
  5. This happens after I use the beta code dsinteriorbeta hamet_interors After an earthquake, I got stuck in a room at mant ant cave In the room which supposes have a door to another room but it doesn't. According to the map, this room supposed to have a door right where I stood After reset the game, I go to kill the mant queen again and this time I can only go for 3 rooms I entered another entrance of this cave, the door doesn't even work. I go right and appear on the left??
  6. Its always disappear when I leave meats in the house and I go dig some grass or twigs Does these pig villagers can come to my house and eat them?