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  1. Mants need more stuff

    I always build a wall like this. You can build 2 rows of wall for wx (100 hp) or maxwell (75hp) to be safe. Wofgang dont need wall just need full belly for this fight. Its recommended having at least 1 foodball helmet, 1 log suit, 1 hambat (probably have to kill some pig people for this ) This method even more cheese than mine :v
  2. Mants need more stuff

    I usually kill the mant queen in the first 10 days for the best loot in the game - Bundling wrap If you concern about oincs, You should try to steal the bank with panflute. >> stealing and killing is the only way I manage to survive this Hamlet. There is no farm at the moment! (Hamlet force you to be evil) Sure this mant creature dont have an important role in the game, we can't farm them but I dont think make them drop more loot is better since you can't relocate them. Just like the elder mandrake, they drop good loot (living log) but if you cant relocate them they are useless
  3. Character disappear (interior beta)

    The shop seller disappears too
  4. Character disappear (interior beta)

    Sure, I just submitted the bug report saveindex_hamlet_beta_backup.txt
  5. After killing the mant queen, my character disappears even if I re-login the game. The shadow monster attacks me also disappear at the same time, I think all mob disappear too Can't move or do anything. Cant even die. This happened 2 times in a row The beta is too buggy
  6. Things to improve hamlet

    You can remove fog in the world customize option Now to mention that I think the fog is exactly the same as sandstorm at Oasis in DST. You also be slow and blind in a sandstorm The Desert Goggles not only can remove sandstorm but also have 20% wetness resistance. And much easier to make (1 gold 2 pigskins) it last 10 days Bat cowl (1 gold 4 deeds 2 pigskins 1 batwing >> gold and bat wing is hard to get and the item only last 2 days) last 16 min = 2 days and unrenewable in Hamlet >> this item needs a buff The Desert Goggles cant see in the dark but I prefer this item in Hamlet than most. If Klei firmly to keep the fog (just a reskin of the sandstorm) in the game I think they should reskin Desert Goggles as well or let Bat cowl easier to make. The bat waves also drop bat wings maybe?
  7. Things to improve hamlet

    Or just remove/nerfed the fog at the first place. The fog is not fun, it not challenging because nothing we can do to deal with. I have 300 days base ROG/SW and Ham connected and still can not deal with this season. Being slow and blind is boring and lame. Honestly, Klei will have to do many things more to improve Hamlet. 1. Hamlet world is so small. 5 islands might be equal 1/3 ROG world and 1/10 SW to compare with 2. There is no farm in Hamlet. No pig, bunny, monkeys, fish or even bees. This game is Don't starve after all, we should have something to eat. I usually have to kill pig peoples for food, the loot is poor tho. :v 3. There are no sources of gears in the early game for an icebox, If you unlucky there will be no gear in the shop. Many resources are unrenewable like spider monkey, red gems and blue gem except purple gem 4. Trees in Hamlet are sucks, they have no cone or you have wait til lush season to collect a few cones. Its take like 3 seasons to have a proper tree farm setup even with the help of pig shop. Sure you can hammer down those pig house for board, it much faster that way. 5. It is a pain in the ass to farm oins with berries, there should be another way more efficient. The banking pig should accept purple gem like 1 purple/day might be. 6. Beside the Oddities shop (selling gears, eyeball, Mandrake .....) which is ok but not that great. Hamlet have nothing special. Unless you play WX so the thunder bird could be useful. In ROG we have bosses is renewable and dealing with them is fun and challenging. In SW we have coffee and giant cactus which is very useful and also fun to have. 7. Hamlet still haven't has a teleportato yet
  8. Things to improve hamlet

    Remove humid season might be the best idea Because being slow + 50 Rabid Beetles chasing you + lighting +water + constant insane by the wet and lose 80% of vision is suck This season happens in day 11 which is too early. The fog happens too frequently and you can not do anything about it Pith hat cant remove the fog and bat cowl is expensive and unrenewable in hamlet, they also take the head slot and cant prevent water increasing The season makes it too dangerous to go out, even stay in the base which is boring you still might get killed by those shadows or bats because you can't see them or wear a helmet in the fog
  9. Guards have torches during the day

    When a pig guard uses all the durability of their axe, they will change to torch. When you kill them, they will not drop the axe either. I don't think it is a bug, it just sucks (their axe should have unlimited uses when they use them)
  10. This happens after I use the beta code dsinteriorbeta hamet_interors After an earthquake, I got stuck in a room at mant ant cave In the room which supposes have a door to another room but it doesn't. According to the map, this room supposed to have a door right where I stood After reset the game, I go to kill the mant queen again and this time I can only go for 3 rooms I entered another entrance of this cave, the door doesn't even work. I go right and appear on the left??
  11. Its always disappear when I leave meats in the house and I go dig some grass or twigs Does these pig villagers can come to my house and eat them?