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  1. Igneous rain

    I've tested this, sedimentary rock, sandstone, granite, etc all melt into magma, all at a lower temp than the freezing point of magma, giving you igneous rock. The weird thing is, tiles in contact with gas (and only gas) hotter than their melting point shed magma in 5 kg increments, until they've shed their mass sans 5 kg, regardless of the actual temperature of the tile. This is most noticeable with insulated tiles, which shed 395 kg of igneous rock when in contact with a hot enough gas, even though they themselves aren't near their melting point. Letting them reach their melting point produces the last 5 kg of magma, so no net gain in material, but deconstructing them even after they've shed 395 kg still gives you the full 100. Normal tiles do the same, but its much less noticable because they have less mass and heat up much faster. Whats really interesting is you can do this with insulated isoresin tiles at a bit over 100 degrees Celsius to get 395 kg of naphtha per tile for free.
  2. The oxidizer tank will always request and gets 2700 kg of oxylite, even when its storage has been set to lower than that, and even when it already has liquid oxygen in it.
  3. Whenever you select In sandbox, I immediately crash when I go to select a building that requires a single material after already having a building that requires two materials. This has been happening since the patch on 10/10, and is happening on the patch on 10/12 as well. I've tried multiple saves and new games, as well as a full reinstall.
  4. I'm crashing when selecting a new object to build while in sandbox mode, will check for non-sandbox mode in a bit. I've had it happen many ways, but it seems to reliably happen when I select and place a steam turbine, then swap to building insulated tile. As soon as i click insulated tile, it crashes. Happened on multiple saves, and on a fresh one.
  5. [Game Update] - 288927

    Is anyone else crashing constantly when selecting a new type of building to build? At least in sandbox mode?
  6. Reinstalling the game seems to have fixed it.
  7. When I connect my water line to my electrolyzers or try to make a toilet - water sieve loop I crash to desktop. Seems to make a DMP file atleast. The save file should crash once the pipes connecting the water line to the electrolyzer are built, or sandboxed in. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272331_20180608-21.03.10.dmp Galatic Cycle 44.sav Edit - verifying the game through steam did not fix it, but removing and reinstalling the game did.