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  1. dose anyone feel like this after a long day?
  2. While we're on the topic just uh, gonna put this here
  3. I like the idea of wigfrid and wolfgang being FBI as they are the most used fighters but I could add winona instead if you want
  4. If you despawn yourself with the moon portal but exit the server at the same time It will display the loading screen then take you to player selection and in player selection you are not able to disconnect
  5. Walls and Fences push you off the boat onto the water when jumping onto the boat with shown Fence/Wall setup you could harvest seaweed and such you could only return to land by getting near to a boat. No mods were used during this.
  6. Hey, I got a gift for your collection


    1. minespatch


      I have the grumpy one planned for a meme I was about to post yesterday before my internet cut out.:wilson_ecstatic:

  7. I don't know what this is but its not normal and that's all I can tell you Oh and here's a transparent Wilson face if you want to use it on something else
  8. Yes, stated previous post. But! Have you heard of the PROOF OF PURCHASE KILL MEEEE-CAGE? only obtainable using the free code given with the LEGENDARY @nome-CAGE not only being just the @nome-CAGE code but this as a fine bonus! kill me please
  9. only obtainable via nome face potato cup on the klei store for 9999999999999999999999999 V-bucks [also accepts Robux]
  10. but have YOU heard of DeltaCage PS: I just felt like doing this
  11. How do I add ruins music, cave music and character select music?