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  1. Continue button not active: In the main menu, the "continue" button is inactive after updating. There is a passage and is launched through the "play" button
  2. I can’t move. I could not move after I clicked on to try again.
  3. Achievement did not fall: Good time. A community map recently added has been completed, but no follow-up has been made. I would like to know what is the reason. Do I need to knock out all the stars or do something else. Or is it a regular bug that will be removed over time
  4. Jumping into this precise point I am stuck in the wall
  5. When I cut my way past my sister, she will stop behind me and wait for me, then my vision will shrink soon and my vision will turn black. I will go to the place of birth.
  6. The first world physical education class lacks a star: A total of 38 stars I have already obtained, but I showed 37/38 when I closed the game again. The missing one is Trial 1/2, but I have finished both of them, and I have been unable to play it several times. Get the 38th star, and the related achievements can not be obtained, please help me solve
  7. Not a bug, but I think they aren't taking there pre jump speed into account?? Just close if that is the case
  8. Getting hangs in Bouncy land Translation: I hang on to the spawn almost every 2nd time
  9. trying to draw the last card from the normal world, find a bug around the corner of the wood paths along with the cover with the blue canvas
  10. I was jumping in this position, climbing on the toy and got stuck, I can't get out at all.