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  1. I would be interested if wx was more "mechanical" for example he would chop, mine, run and etc. faster. However, he would overheat when doing too much "stuff" and would need to stand and not do anything a bit too cool down, or he could use a coolant like eat ice, carry thermal or wear an ice cube. I know this is unrelated but just some ideas for the rework in case it happens.
  2. I'm happy about the performance changes. My laptop is like 9 years old and my CPU isn't so good. I get like 23fps and everything looks really choppy would love to see things run smoothly.
  3. I'm currently collecting all common skins. Then after that, I'll have tons of dupes. I'll unweave them or turn them in the trade inn.
  4. starve149 site?

    I'm scared to open too... what does the website look like? What are some of those "creepy" ads
  5. They might announce a DLC or something. I get that oni is quite a complete game on its own. However, some ideas can definitely be expanded upon. For example, they could make it so that you can go "below" the core. In-game you can only go a bit sideways and to the core of the asteroid. What if you could have the entire asteroid instead? space once you go sideways enough and you can go below the core as well. New biomes and stuff.
  6. -Islands on ocean -More cave stuff or even a new "world" -Going underwater in the ocean -give a use for the iridescent gem. -make fire staff and fire dart more useful -larger boats and more attachments
  7. It would be nice if researching required some effort for this tier 3 research station. Like, the items it allowed to make first have to be researched. Each of these items has different research times. It would need to be fueled and it would need to be supplied with different materials to keep the research going. After that, in order to make something you have to put in the materials to make what you want, then it starts processing that, It takes some time like a crockpot, you can only use the station to make what you want. No prototyping. Not gonna lie but in-game all you do is just make a science machine. Get some cheap materials then make alchemy. After that, you almost make everything you need. It should be something more than just that.
  8. Ohhh... I woke up this morning like "wtf is litecoin?" I didn't even sub to this channel so I check my email and youtube to see if I was hacked or smth(even though there's nothing on my youtube account). I was safe and was like "how did that happen?" Now I see. Oh well, I'll sub back in if he can recover back the channel.
  9. He doesn't know English very well so here is what he shared with me. we tried a lot of things. We tried verifying the integrity of the game files, deleting mods, deleting and downloading the game again, etc. I asked whether his Windows 7 and the drivers were up-to-date he said yes. It may have something to do with the end of support for Windows 7. This started about 2-3 days ago. He was able to enter the game successfully with no problems before that and it ran ok as well. But this suddenly happened. Here's the client log. It seems ok but it just cuts suddenly in the end.
  10. Wes needs to win the rework

    I agree. Now I get it wes was made by Klei as the "hardmode" character in case you thought the game was easy. It can stay that way in DS. However, in DST he is just bad. Even if you are really good at the game and can handle yourself as wes, you are still just annoying other people by being more demanding. I guess it might be ok if you are playing alone or separated from others. But it does need a rework I think.
  11. Two problems: -They would have to balance quite a lot around multiplayer and it wouldn't just be the same. DST isn't just RoG with other players. It's RoG but modified for multiplayer. -Look, I get that DST is pretty much a successor to DS but can we just stop adding all the content DS has to DST? The only reason to buy DS nowadays is mostly just for Hamlet and Shipwrecked. Add those to DST and DS pretty becomes completely pointless to play. Just enjoy some of the content in a singleplayer game. No need for multiplayer in everything. I'm sorry if this was a bit toxic.
  12. I have about 419 hours on DST and to me, it's winter. Now sure, if you are playing alone or with some good friends pretty much any season is easy. But I play on public servers a lot and winters are really brutal. People usually get their base going on the 10th-15th day. Most people can't grow the first batch of grass, berries or saplings they planted. People have a very bad shortage of twigs and grass most of the time. Wick can't just grow limitless food with characters like wormwood and everyone is usually just stuck at having no insulation at all. Oh and we never have enough thermals for everyone.
  13. I think the large problem with this is that the game is almost always predictable and there's basically no surprises. Sure, the world is shaped randomly, the biome placement is kinda random. This can change how you can base and what you can do, but it's largely the same. It would be interesting if the seasons changed was sort of random like spring could come earlier or later. There could also be more weather events that aren't predictable at all. Or when a world is generated, it could have random traits that make some things easier and some things harder. I think rimworld is kind of a good example of this. Sure, the game gets new content. but you experience in like 15 days and after that, it just feels the same again. Edit: Btw this is mostly about people that know the game. For new players, the game can be quite a journey to learn since it's very open-ended and it wouldn't feel the same.
  14. Hmm, I'm encountering a problem. Is there any way to send the liquid back to the reservoir if it's not suitable to send? Because between the reservoir and the shutoff, there are two pipes. the polluted water in those pipes has germs. I can't overlap the output and input ports. So what can I do?
  15. That seems good. I also originally thought of using a germ sensor as well like other comments but I do lack plastic at the moment. (I'm just about to get some exosuits though) However, I think I'll use a clock sensor and liquid shutoff. I'll set the timer to activate just around downtime starts(I tested and it does kill all the germs) then it'll activate for about 10% of the day to send off the liquid.