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  1. [Game Update] - 283226

    You can't. They aren't publicly available yet. The dev team is still working on those levels.
  2. [Game Update] - 281298

    My biggest frustration with this level is that I am never fully sure where the dog will land if I throw him, plenty of times the distance is too far, or he just still falls off. + Maybe handle it differently when the dog dies. Maybe give a 'tip' screen saying that you need a dog to continue the level?
  3. The Reward items can currently only be collected by performing actions in the game. You can get the card rewards by collecting all 60 in-game cards from the freeplay, 60 in-game cards from the lava-mode, both in the school and in wholesale. The 3 reward stickers can be obtained by completing the pogo stick challenges. By collecting the 3 challenges in school, you get one of those stickers, same for wholesome. I assume you get the third sticker by completing the pogo stick challenge in the mastery-level, although I haven't finished it so I can't confirm it.
  4. You can get uncirculated items just in the normal boxes, their chances of getting them is just lower. I got that dog today, he is so cute!