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  1. As I was playing, I watched my Manual Airlock suddenly disappear and gave me refined copper with a temperature of 1058. Its heating up my base and now im gonna have to use debug to delete it. (Btw i haven't even build my rock granulator to make refined metal lol)
  2. Of course it will! The game can't doesnt support temperatures above 10000 degrees (Celsius)
  3. Some building in the new hotfix are going either to really high temperatures or really low. Its weird because it doenst give off heat or cold. Check it out. So I found out about this bug because i went to sandbox to try to make a better natural gas geyser automation and I came across the 2nd image which lead me to using the debug and clicking deconstruct and heres what happens (The file of crash is the part where i put in debug) and as you can see the copper is at 446 nonillion degrees. Bizarre. However, it doesnt stop there. That was the hot part, now lets go on to the cold part, as you can see in the screenshot 49 the pipe is at -2 nonillion degrees, however I deconstruct it in debug and nothing happened.The only part I used debug was to deconstruct the extremely cold things and the extremely hot things. crash.mp4
  4. I deconstructed the pipe and it didn't break on the same spot. Thanks definitely an improve !
  5. Ever since the Cosmic Upgrade came out my pipes have been "Over Heating" and "Extremely Cold" for absolutely NO reason. The video below is a 7 second clip from it happening. ( I made it with gyazo and couldn't seem to put the video so i just downloaded and put it here. ) I've asked many of my friends that play this game and get the same thing too and they say its a bug with the packets and that there is usually a pipe that is scorching hot. However i can't seem to find that pipe so for now until they fix this, I'm not playing the game. It really is breaking the game and in the Ranching Upgrade II this didn't happen until the Cosmic Upgrade. 2435fbf47377db647c2b03ef849638c4.mp4