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  1. Magic Pikos

    Lol I love it though. reminds me of ground squirrels living under tree trunks. Seriously though it looks weird as hell.
  2. Platform - steam windows 10 Mods - yes Version - 327766 Issue - the sprinkler in hamlet does not have the range indicated by the dashed line when building Steps to reproduce - build a sprinkler using gometric placement mod or likewise and plant nettles in a line or circles radiating out Issue desc. - the range is 2 game tiles when it should be much bigger. According to the dashed circular line when placing it is the same range as the iceflinger yet nettles and character moisture levels don't rise at 2 tiles or more. This results in nettles not being irrigated unless planted really close. An Example... Notice how Wilson is drying off and the nettles at the outside aren't growing Untitled.bmp