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  1. When I have my jobs automatically set priority for my duplicant (so my miners will dig first and my builders will primarily build) the thing gets reset whenever I load the save file. While not really game breaking, it is annoying to manually reassign all the job priority whenever I return to play. Couldn't figure out why my miners refused to dig for a while at first too.
  2. And another bug I found while testing this out...the eggs that does work, they end up duplicating? I'd put in hatch egg to be cracked and everything and once it's done, an egg is still in the cracker, causing it to be duplicated.
  3. Can't edit the original post, so an update: Seems like this only happens to certain type of eggs. Shine bug egg and puff eggs don't work, hatch eggs seem to work just fine.
  4. When I assign eggs to be cracked, dupes will bring the egg and put them in but no one would crack it.