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  1. Maybe the plant could be named... Diberium Crystal(z) It sucks radiation up...and at some point the plant emits a laser beam in to a random direction, shortly heating up a hit surface. So a kind of radiation powered heating plant. Diberium Crystal Plant - Laser heat emission beam C&C Theme
  2. Radbolts leaving a radiation trail, also affecting germs, would be superb. I also like the radiation lamp idea.
  3. Space Shuttle deploying satellite above Terra ... Moonraker ... Space Station also please ! Buran Energia My beloved Challenger
  4. (radioactive) regolith + genetics toyland + more world generation stuff ...others may have some additional information on things coming for the dlc ...or what they still expect from Klei Happy weekend everyone
  5. @Ipsquiggle To make every classic player happy please consider to add an world generation setting option to deactivate the teleporter(s) spawn(s) and, if possible and this option is selected, add the proposed 2nd tele spawn resources to the 1st big map. This hopefully will make respected players like @aresd happy...dear Klei "...We're also turning our attention back towards rockets..." Can you please make it that rockets fly the full flight path ? In the previous dlc update the rockets launch and then disappear after flying upwards for a certain tile amount. The rockets do not fly their entire path in the map, contrary to the old base game. They lift off and then suddenly warp away. The issue is described here, with screenshots.
  6. WAAAAAAAAAAAA...SPECIAL BLING BLING UPDATE ! Thank you Papa Klei Smurf In reality I`m for protecting the planet...But in fantasy I`m wannabe ONi Rockefeller Bart Simpson bathing in oil and atomic waste ! ONNNNNNIIIIIII The bioluminescence of the night I like the cuddly homes which @sakura_sk builds for every single dupe ONI makes us forget our life problems and lets us work on ONi problems. Leave no dupe behind... TERRA May the force be always with you @Ipsquiggle
  7. I would like to quote the cool @ZombieDupe phrase as introduction ..."Because why not ?" Proof of concept - Grand and entire schematics Probe sticks which get stuck in to rock, have to be manufactured in the Stick-o-lab Dynamite mines, in which bundled up dynamite is found by dupes Dupes go in to caves, which spawn in maps, and stick the manufactured probe sticks in to the rock. After wiggling a bit around in the cave`s rocks, they find dynamite bundles. The dynamite can then be carried to the nitroglycerin-coating factory. The nitroglycerin building covers the dynamite sticks with impact sensitive coating. ++ = Explosion As a dupe pushes down the detonator box lever, then dupe-bob-stick ( sponge-bob trigger head ) comes smashing down on to the nitro coated dynamite sticks and creates an explosion. In the beginning the explosion devices made by players are made for pure fun in the game, to make items and dupes fly around with the player triggered dynamite explosions. Klei could use the original meteor impact effect of the 1st day of regolith in the game, where meteors made the dupes fly in to the air on impact. Explosion mining, mass turning critters in to food, extinguishing existing colony fires by causing explosions or other game integration ideas could be hooked up to this concept from a game design point of view. Writing this article has caused the author to exhale 2 pounds of co2 and destroyed one big slice of choco cake.
  8. Such wonderful screenshots in this thread I didn`t know this is possible in the game @SamLogan Someday I need to upgrade my Gulag`s to achieve such dupe joy
  9. At the bottom of the posted screenshot in the link Simple Jack Uranium Bee Party, I had originally built 2 critter drop off`s for the bee`s...which had 1 room each, but it did not monitor at the time if the dropped off wrangled bee`s, or the bee`s which at the same time randomly got trapped ( room doors standing open for a while ), had caused the hive creation ? It had been 3 rooms, the screenshot now shows 1 big room...I smashed out the ceilings between the former 3 rooms and had destroyed the 2 critter drop off`s. I had wrangled 2 bees and dupes delivered them to 1 room each, but at the same time I had trapped some wild bees inside the rooms. Maybe wild bee`s can spawn a hive in a room, I don`t know Do wild bee`s randomly getting stuck in a room create a hive, is a critter drop off actually required ? If anybody knows, feedback would be great Haven`t yet had time to play again to check it out. Love the bee`s, bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz. Uranium ! "Beetiny" always makes me think of bikini, its such a lovely island. Bikini Atoll ( Satellite top down view )
  10. Yes, I find it interesting that someone had the idea/impression/fear/hope that having the big map option would exclude other asteroids. From my point of view the big map option would include other asteroids, but if somebody wants to have 1 big map and exclude any other asteroids...Please don`t have any fear to speak up and to raise your opinion. Many thanks.
  11. + 1000 pipes, great suggestion @Ranah ...Love the picture, makes me hungry Such thick pipes could show a little wave animation within the pipes as xray view, as the fluids are flowing. Maybe some of the pipes can have a little window, showing the fluid/gas flow - Like in Factorio, but Klei can make it look nicer.
  12. + More renewable resource spawns ( lots of different geysers & basic metal volcanos ) in the 1st initial starter map, either as default or optional world generation settings or in/for new starter worlds. + BIG MAP option + Extensive world generation settings for the 1st initial spawn starter map, similar to the base game and new ones...frozen core, teleporter spawns off/on, metal rich, oil tycoon, uranium etc. Dear @crbd115 , I have highlighted and edited/shortened your original post to show what is most important for me and what I`m personally hoping Klei will soon look in to. Thank you for posting your extensive original list I would welcome it if Klei rather soon implements ( radioactive ) Regolith and takes care of my highlighted bullet points, additions and crbd115`s original posted long list.
  13. Great tip I got this working yesterday, it works great.
  14. @Tofiel I would also love if we had Doctor Quak or Dr. Quakernack in the game, having the doctor profession would be great. Perhaps it would also be funny to have the profession "Clown", "Charlatan" or "Trickster", a dupe which plays tricks on other dupes, temporary increasing moral. That could be very funny animations between dupes interacting with each other. Also...Circus Tent + Clown Cannon !
  15. Austin Powers...There is some lovely interior designs made by players, often Austin Powers comes to my mind looking at such wonderful Oni base decoration designs @sakura_sk @MooChiChi BTW if we had a 3 stage multilayer cake then a dupe could pop it's head out on its birthday. Let dupes make love in hot plastic beds... Total Naphtha !
  16. I find that the easiest way is to place the algae terrarium in to a rocket. If one let's the dupes enter the rocket and refill its needs, then after time there will be 5-500kg/tile oxygen inside. One can put lots of ice in to a storage bin and freeze the rocket cone+throw food inside...and Bob's your uncle That's 2 buildings, anything else is comfort and extra fun Throwing 40 dupes in to a cone to pop out at some fresh asteroid is claustrophobic rocket fun, it's so funny...Like the muppet bus Half of them died in pee and from suffocation in the rocket. I do that when I need to get rid of too many dupes, fresh cannon fodder. First placed buildings after landing on a new asteroid: 20 graves.
  17. Building 3x Steam Engines for the rocket exit top Adding 1x aquatuner water cooler for the top hot stored rocket launches splash water. The splash water pool is also cooled with 7 thermo regulators. As a secondary effect all the coolers are also cooling the open-plan designed colony. On rocket launches there will be ~200 tiles of water splashing down for Michael Bay fun effect and cooling. Simple Jack Uranium Bee Party
  18. @minespatch has drawn a wonderful picture of the ONI alien race "The Dork", from the "Dorken Quadrant", as they are passing by in their "Dork Cube". The "Dorken`s" may engage in offensive ONI action or trade with dupe players, regardless if the player has classified himself as "Communist" or "Capitalist". Maybe they will more likely favour you as "Communist", as they are driven by the idea of being a collective. So maybe show up at heir home cube with 3 identical Stinkie`s or Ellie`s which look the same, to increase your chances of an friendly encounter experience and better trade bargains I would love to have the "Dorken" as friend-or-foe challenge in the ONI (end)game. They could live on their own cubicle shaped space station and its up to the player if he visits them or not. The drawing is posted here
  19. Maybe the art master could find time and muse to draw how Stinky and Sleestak become friends