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  1. Does someone know if the world generation bug(s) happen every time ? I would love to start a new colony as dlc classic big mac map with sufficient water
  2. Cool stairs ...but I find them a little bit too steep. If we had 5% elevation ramps then they would be wheel chair and crutch compatible + elevators Also, if we had a bantering granddad dupe, that would be mega realistic. Dupes in rockets perhaps should have a dampened voice. Also, we need dustbins - Rollercoaster Tycoon without dustbins...Unthinkable and @Unfawkable ! The dupes could use the dust bins for their paper litter as they munch their Dream o Rama ice cream Is @JRup a dutch name ? Need more water @sakura_sk I wish you all a nice Sunday...I had a look what it means in catish, but the cat-o-pedia has no direct entry. I need to launch more stranded rockets and find out more about it, its all mysteries @Gurgel gets a nice hug cat, which is never snappy Klei implemented the Anti-Snapchat-Cat in 2023, together with Multiplayer and Fire + Space Station and Cargo Space Shuttles @Lbphero I liked your Mario logo so much, how will I ever find you again with a different logo
  3. Feedback and input is important Input/Output, Siegfried&Roy, Ying and Yang, Ernie&Bert...Praise the Niobium Cheesecake!
  4. I find it is a dead end, hollow phrase. I have never spent life time with people which would use such a phrase. if someone would eat a pizza with me and I mention "The ham is not good, xyz is wrong." and the person with me says "Don't like it, don't order it"... I would be gone in 3 seconds, forever. In a Bud Spencer movie... Terence would give Bud a special look after someone would mention that phrase to them. They would pretend for 10 minutes that nothing happened and they would talk about the weather. Then the physical workout fun begins Dumb and dumber 1 was a great movie by the way, my opinion.
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh water Klei is handing out water for the thirsty Holy Gasssy Moooooooo...Water ! Thank you @sakura_sk
  6. Its hard my friend ! The small home base map only has 2 geysers. Running small maps with 8 dupes is thirst-wise-perfect, often I`ve got 20 dupes hopping around. I find playing with more dupistas much more fun In classic I often played with 200 dupes. The total executions number in the small home world must be 1000 dupes or so, I`ve built endless rows of graves. Recently I installed a small co2 rocket for suffocation, just the engine and the nose cone. Its special rocket, to heaven In some thirst rescue operation I flew in 100 tons of ice from the 3rd world. I started mass burning trees to make some water from dirt. Someday hopefully the dlc big classic map is done, has enough renewable water geysers ( at decent temperatures ) and is ready made from father Xmas Papa Klei Smurf Would also be great if we temporary could cryo freeze dupes, would save all the suicide efforts if I could rocket ship them to somewhere else in a frozen state...a pack of 10 or 20 dupes frozen up, for later "use". A true sixpack ! Also some alternative oxygen creation method, non-water based, would be great. For me that would be the mega game upgrade.
  7. Some dynamite and a button in the rocket for self destruction could be good idea Does someone know if its possible to rename a rocket in space ? I would like to give stranded rockets dead names. Perhaps Klei can make these things possible and think of solutions for player stranded rockets ? I`m sending more Simple Jack rockets out, looking for maybe I soon have a few rockets stranded in space ...with dead dupes inside. Cryo Frosting Chambers would be such a great addition to the game
  8. Yeah, the increase from 600kg to 6 tons cargo for the cargo module is much better now. Perhaps it should be 10 tons, instead of 6 tons for the cargo module ? Current I load up 2x6 tons with two rocket cargo modules and then I use 1 or 2 x 20tons storage bins inside a rocket...Which takes a lot of time using the bins inside the rocket, as its a lot of dupe in/out rocket crawling time and hopping around.
  9. Once the rocket speed module is installed, the player can activate "Warp speed" with the rocket. Activating warp requires a certain amount of stored electric energy in the rocket, doubles the fuel consumption and makes the dupes dizzy for the duration of "the entire trip". Caturday Warp Speed Inspiration Bonus Track
  10. I find the cryo dupe chambers a really good idea...also the radbolt battery idea from @goboking Maybe the cryo dupe freeze chambers would run on radbolts ? A radbolt per day, keeps the doctor away. Also dupe torchlights would be nice, which they can use in darkness. That could look amazing in the dark ! Torchlights only work with adapters in the game. The dupes loose adapters every day, so they need to be produced in the adapter production building. Dr. babba
  11. More renewable geyser and basic metal volcano resources, more plutonium and more polka ! Its Caturday and I checked if the star constellations are still in place and order. Dr. babba
  12. I find its a great idea, I spoke with Dr. Jones already about it - He finds it plausible. Dr. babba Gravitas Statistics & Hallucinations Manager, Isotopes Facility 139
  13. Klei headquarters made it possible that rockets fly through the entire map, this will enable hyper-speed. Also Gravitas understood a bit better what we are trying to achieve here in the Titan Missile Silo, finally they sent more components and backup support. The rocket pile is stacking up. I told Dr. babba not to complain so much, but he seldom listens. I think its the coffee machine. - We are running out of Isotopes.
  14. I nearly made the mistake to fuel rocket petroleum engines with ethanol. Perhaps mixing ethanol/oxygen ( or whatever substance ? ) with some other fuel type could create a very powerful new rocket fuel ? What could that be ? What do you think, should there be some ethanol or some new-ethanol-mixed-fuel rocket engine in the game ? Any ideas and creativity is welcome
  15. Thank you Klei, for making rockets now fly along the entire flight path...from the bottom of a deep rocket silo map. ...Building the Titan Missile Complex is fun now again and feels much more realistic ! ...also nice engine flames on the star map 1000 kisses
  16. The constructable glass aquarium, for dupe relaxation, costs 10 tons of glass. Players can destruct some of the games POI glass windows, to scrape together the construction cost of 10 tons glass. The aquarium only gives a morale improvement, for visitor viewing and photographing dupes, if the hammerhead shark has evolved inside. The "Hammerhead shark seed" can be found on the heavy radiated "Plutonium" asteroid, which is 166-199 tiles away from the players initial spawn planet. The found and retrieved seed needs to be dropped in to the aquarium + some nuclear waste needs to be added as reaction solution in to the aquarium, then the Hammerhead Shark will evolve and grow. Pacu`s need to be regular fed to the shark, to avoid shark depression and death.
  17. I would love to build asteroid windows ... where the background stars glimmer through. Twinkle Twinkle, little star
  18. Good idea @pether...Because of the name confusion I call it currently "The FAT reactor". Are we talking about the same building
  19. Currently I am flying dedicated rockets with loaded rocket fuel to asteroids where I have no fuel stock available for the parked rockets...Also I am operating a variety of rockets with various different fuel types. Perhaps a Space Station, which can act as Rocket Fuel Station, would be good. Then I could send dedicated fuel loaded rockets to the Fuel Space Station. That could be a great place to run all the various fuel refinements, have energy storage tanks and also the Space Station could serve as microwave energy transmission relay, the starting point and energy hub for an multi-asteroid-interconnected-electricity-grid. If we had fire in the game, I would bite in to the table if a fire would break out at the Energy Space Station...because Stinky started welding somewhere with the fire sprinkler system being water depleted ( because I didn`t refill the sprinkler system with water ). This could cause a player triggered endgame-style energy crisis on multiple asteroids at once + collapse of rocket routes due to rocket fuel shortage. The Space Station could also act as resource storage hub. Player caused accident there could then have dramatic outcomes for the players asteroids, due to not delivered resources and resulting shortages.
  20. Everyones input on Interplanetary Automation would be welcome
  21. @pether on asteroids I would like to put up an automation connected Resource Requester Box ( Automation Box ). The Resource Requester Box checks the total resource values of the entire asteroid ( currently the insides of rockets have their own resource stock accounting ). Examples: Send green signal, if ____asteroid refined gold is below(or)above 10 tons. Send green signal, if ____asteroid pwater is below(or)above 100 tons. Send green signal, if ____asteroid calories ( entire edible food class ) is below(or)above 1 million. Its a kind of automation call for "Hey, I need stuff. Here is a green signal - You got the Resource Requester Box and the Rocket launch automation connected ? Rocket is now automatically loading/launching". It is also important that the planet destination can be pre-defined/pre-selected and some "Auto return rocket empty to sender asteroid" and some kind of tick box for the rocket "Only launch rocket if fully loaded" and "Send rocket back to sender" and "Launch regardless if full, after xxx cycles". Klei would have to figure out what cargo settings belong to the rocket and what settings are best for the requester box. Its about automating cargo routes between asteroids and automatic rocket resource loading. The Resource Requester Box could also be connected and used for the Interplanetary Launcher. So somebody would have to sit down and design a proper asteroid`s resource routing system in combo with rockets and the Interplanetary Launcher. The whole cargo rocket situation, rocket cargo modules, rocket interior transport possibilities and rocket ports are still a kind of unorganized mixed up mess IMHO. Perhaps proper Loading Management is required ? Some typical example scenarios a player wants to achieve: > I want to always have x amount of resources on asteroid x > I want to get x resources to asteroid x now or when some defined condition is triggered So if Klei imagines those example scenarios and then works their way to routing/loading/unloading/reloading design...That would be nice Maybe a new control screen would be also useful ? The Rocket/Interplanetary (Un)Loading/Requesting/Routing Screen Mission Control ...would need to look cooler than the space map please...It could be a dedicated upgraded pro-version of the star map, dedicated to "cargo management".
  22. 6:25 babba wakes up and switches on ONi 6:31 all parked rockets are auto-fuelled and cargo loaded via @pether system time automation plug, pulling the local time from the pc system 6:33 all 28 rockets lift off automatically, to their pre-programmed destinations, to transport cargo in a non-efficient brute force "fun way" 6:34 all colonies dupes are auto de-frosted via pether-time-plug automation, all @goboking-system-de-frosted dupes start working 6:40 babba`s reactor in the dlc classic terra map starts to overheat, Klei never spawns enough water 6:49 babba returns to the pc with molten morning lasagne in the hands, everything around the reactor is fluid hot and melting 6:50 babba posts a vent meme about the rmbk-1000 and the lack of cold water spawns, prepares a radioactive coffee and asks for spreading fires and cargo space shuttles in the game