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  1. 8 hours ago, justameep said:

    Ive read a number of guides on the forums here but I find that still, very occasionally, my aquatuner output pipe will break because of "contents too cold".

    What is wrong with my liquid temp sensor setup?

    I have explicitly constructed a setup where the overflow pipe should never back up because it always can empty into a liquid reservoir (and there's not enough liquid in the system to completely fill a liquid reservoir). But, somehow that doesnt appear to be working as you can see in the screenshot where there's a -16C packet of crude oil right after a valve and temp sensor set for "above 10C"

    Please help!

    I loaded up my autosave to the cycle just before it failed, but when I watched it run for a whole cycle on a slower speed it never encountered the problem (maybe the saves are not deterministic?).


    On a little side note...

    Try not to use bridges for pipes/gas as they leak a lot of temperature.

    It requires building more pipeline stuff and takes more space as one avoids bridges, but its often worth it.

    Just as a little tip :p

    Also keep in mind that storage tanks temperature adjust their content with the environment.


    Cant wait till the DLC is out !

  2. I neeeeeeed Atoms.

    Give me Atoms falling from the sky, Atoms from the sweat of dupes shoes, barrels of Atoms.

    Atoms to put the crappy Atom chips for melting in to.

    Blinky blinky, give me Atoms.

    I need rod meltdowns, serious malfunctions, Atoms dancing everywhere.

    Without Atoms a dupe life is just dark without glow.

    I want to roll in Atoms, give me Atoms.

    Waaaaaaagh² !


    P.S. After a year or so I recently played the game for 3000 cycles, in that time around 500 dupes died.

    Was great, no crashes and no gameplaystopperbug(s).

    Well done Klei !!!

    @JoeW Can you put an achievement in ?

    1000 dupe deaths - Achievement "Colony sacrifice of a holy Thousand" ?

    Its important that Thousand is written with a big T, otherwise the Colony Karma sinks to bits.



    My base was often close to extinction, it was like playing Banished. After 300 hours or so I even got the steam engine running, got 5 or so now doing their thing in my open plan chaos mega base. Rockets are awesome, took me 600 hours or so - I miss that they cant topple by player fault and exploded the whole base. Spreading fire ( DLC? ) and firefighting foam + fire engine with long vehicle ladder would be amazing. Like a 3x3 square vehicle with an extender fire engine ladder of 12 squares. With blue flashlights and siren like in Ghostbusters and a little dupe pet dragon driving it. The dragon increases the vehicle speed and response time, but has a hot fire breath under stress and by accident puts the base sometime on fire.

    I better stop dreaming now... Keep the fun (DLC) content coming !


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  3. 13 hours ago, Sc00bTheN00b said:

    I am sure I am not the only annoyed end user out here in end user land, I think it is disgusting words almost escape me in describing just how cheated I feel, this is a most heinous breach of loyalty to your customer base....

    "In addition, the team will be taking a two week break over the holidays and getting back to it in the New Year. The next update will be on schedule in 8 weeks, coming out February 7th."

    How dare you, I think you should be working at least 12 hours per day over the holidays, 15 hours on the 25th, and 24 hours back to back on the 31st/1st..

    In all seriousness though, have some RR with your nearest and dearest over the season, look forward to seeing the extra polish when you all come back hopefully rested, possibly a few pounds heavier and almost definitely a few £'s lighter...

    Thank you so much for making such excellent games.

    I like "End userland" - This could be a cave world on the Frozen Strawberry Ice Planet, where its too cold and not too hot. Hidden in end userland is the holy beer keg, which is a valuable trophy to have in any dupe bedroom.


    The Frozen Strawberry Planet is an allotment of various stranded Strawberry meteors. A dupe which has never had the Strawberry Experience is considered a virgin.

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  4. Thank you very much, Ipsquiggle. Other things which players struggle with in terms of the FPS is the games dupe/critters pathfinding and that each simulated tile is taking too much cpu load. Please also allow smaller map size generation in the games menu for slow systems. So something like 20% size, 50% size, 100%, 200% as a setting in the map generator screen. 20% size will make it possible for much more slow notebooks to play the game.

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  5. If someone can test this with a thousand flowing pipe pieces, diversions and automation and let us know about your findings ? Im currently playing something else. It would be interesting if "only" a 2nd core is used or if ONI tries to get all the cores available. So a 10x size map with a trillion piping,diversions & pipe automation would be good. If nobody does it, maybe I find time next weekend. Someone would need to do it with the right core load info tools, not thats its just Windows or some other OS cycling through cores to keep each core temp down... Thank you :)

    "...Flow of gasses/liquids in pipes is now multithreaded for improved CPU usage..."

    Core Fetish image.png.e8923e078d20bd1fa6bf91ef22ac58f9.png

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  6. 6 hours ago, strawberrygirl said:

    actually i just noticed that too. It's hard for me to play now on dev build. game is incredibly slow even at 339 cycles. Am using the console, i heard that might have something to do with it.

    Hope its not long anymore to the full release, I love Klei content release dates :)

  7. Uploading save games can help, sometimes others load them to see if they have the same problem.

    Maybe my question is totally unrelated:

    Any chance you guys have built right on the last tile of the map top and/or to the last tile on the left/right on the map ? If "No", then just forget my question...Im making a nice coffee now :p

  8. Hey crypticorb :)

    What bothers me most is the load time of the names list and the usability of scrolling in that list. Playing with lots of dupes reveals computing bottlenecks, which affect all or most players. IMHO Send/assign all dupes to (med)beds would be a great function, avoiding pulling and displaying the names list too often.

  9. 2 hours ago, crypticorb said:
    3 hours ago, Ipsquiggle said:
    • Sleeping in any kind of bed slowly restores Dupe health

    I got tired of manually assigning dupes to a hundred med beds, so now I only need to build beds and hope that some auto bed assignment works. If not, then please make the auto assignment of (med)beds work, thank you.

    I see a guy on my map and I see hes injured. Then I have to move to my medbed area and I cant figure out which of the 10 Gossmann it is and I have to scroll through a pile of names just to find the Gossmans. Calling the names list also creates too much cpu load. Also the bed assignments constantly get forgotten and are gone.

    A button/function would be great - Send/assign all dupes to (med)beds. Skipping the call and display of the names list could release a little bit of cpu load for players, even for those which play with a few dupes.

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  10. 5 hours ago, The Flying Fox said:

    So, we now have Flubber for making air-locks.  Neat!  The database even seems to point to the idea of this being it's use.  And the Super Coolant is definitely super.  With those stats, that'll allow the Aqua-Tuner to cool down just about everything under the sun and move over 1,000,000 Joules/DTUs through it per 10KG packet.  Wow!



    Mhhh cant wait to play again, super coolant & lots of advanced space tech stuff, mhh yumyyyyyy ! :D