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  1. Hey @bzgzd, thanks for your great help. You have Sherlock Holmes skills !

    I recently found the dupe dead behind the water sieve, but I didn't know there was more dead in a kind of non-dead state and stuck behind objects.

    Thank you once more, this really means a lot to me - I thought I had to wait a few months before I can play ONI again.

    Big hug from me :D

    ...Will make them truly dead and unblock them.

    Klei, please make dupes truly dead, avoid having the stuck half dead behind of objects and please fix this crash problem.

    I think I had crashes because of this already in the past.


    Dead, but not properly dead. Got stuck and died because the tree was growing or because dirt had been brought to the tree ?


    Stuck because the tree is growing or because dirt had been brought to the tree ? In the process of dying. I didnt notice.


    Another dupe stuck behind a water sieve. I didnt notice. The sieve had been built ages ago, so perhaps he got stuck by loading filtration medium into the sieve?

    These dead or unnoticed dying dupes behind of objects lead to game crashes. In these cases there is no warnings to the player that dupes got stuck and are dying. Then it's just a matter of time until a crash happens.

    Dear Klei, please load the savegame and look at the described objects and problems, which lead to game crashes.

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  2. It's an interesting and helpful tip, thank you very much. Do you know of a debug console command to flush all dupes task`s list`s ?


    Perhaps it would be good if Klei implements this as a button into the game, if that may be the cause of long term base crashes for players.

    I had been reloading the previous saves, up to 10 cycles earlier. The thing is that the game is kind of pre-planned to crash at my specific crash cycle, I was not able to pinpoint the gameplay crash cause. Maybe I find time to build a dupe lockup room and try to prevent them from having any work tasks in their lists, 10 cycles ahead of the crash. I had already changed the scheduler to all day sleeping or all day working, the crash still happens.

    As this kind of crashes always tends to come with a colony after 500-2000 cycles, I kind ask the developers to load my save and to fix this kind of problems for all players. I don't want to start another colony again and again to run into the same crash problems after a long time playing. This is already another colony, because the previous 2 colonies had similar cashes after + 1000 cycles working on them.