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  1. The advantage of having everything ( or most ) running in a big map is that crashes can be easily tracked down and game play bottlenecks and fps killers can be identified. I don`t want to go through 1 or 2 years of new game crashes again, my opinion. Also, every time a newbie or experimental person at Klei tries out a new way to multi thread something ( on the same core ), the fps is usually totally borked and there is lots of new crashes. With the new big dlc terra classic map there will be lots of performance complaints, if the dlc sells more. Fully built and with some automation one can take it down to 1 fps just by fully building in the start map, so the fps slowdown can be fast observed by the casual gamer. That is the price of the awesome flexibility this game allows for players, a lot of things have no game-play limitations. Klei does regularly improve the games performance, it just often is not recognized as a big performance improvement at once. On the Crysis development the R&D department constantly added new fps drains to the game, it was always a challenge to keep the game running at decent performance. The company owners wanted to permanently have new tech features added, so I had to change the development schedule the whole time. Its hell working with 120 staff on a game, its nice just to play ONI as a regular gamer. Its a bit similar to this game, as long as so many things are changed and added...Klei`s fps improvements are hard to feel, recognize and value by the players.
  2. Found ( non renewable ) Uranium ....ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! I had to rub my eyes... Total great surprise Raining down ( radioactive? ) regolith + basic metal yield from renewable regolith is the last thing I expect, then I`m really happy with the DLC Terra Classic map. So many great biomes in it, including the steel crabs Well done Klei ! Finally a great home base map which can be played with long term expansion plans No more water and temperature bean counting, really great Great for beginners, resource explorers, big base builders, big base decorators, exciting survival mode experiments, colony/city builders and mass resources Factorio players and non-bean counters. The ideal mega port base map for future interconnected space mass cargo operations IMHO or however someone wants to play and do things. I`ve spent 10 hours digging on fast forward, haven`t seen the map bottom yet...I`m hoping to find fossil for steel. The first thing I will explore the galaxy for, at some later point, is lead for 50 suits + mass oil + fossil/steel + megatons water/ice.
  3. "Rocket Platform is now a "Foundation" building, it can be built floating in the air and Duplicants can stand on top of it.Art adjusted accordingly." "Put the Gantry back into the game. " "Flight Path Obstructed" notification will go directly to the affected rocket when clicked." Great, love the rocket improvements for my Apollo Launch Sites in the proposed new Titan Missile Silo with big mac map Terra dlc classic Thank you for the 2x AETN in the map BTW + lots of water spawns...So great. The game is super fun now for me. Still praying for Regolith raining down someday in the home map, maybe with some chunks of Uranium mixed in Some nice RegoUrano-Oregano-Vulgare-Superspice raining down from time to time. Kind regards, Dr. babba
  4. @pether suggested events on the star map in this thread...Maybe there could be "Dangerous" zones on the star map, which would offer objectives to complete and/or master. "The Dorken" flying in/on Dork Cube`s - Art from @minespatch
  5. I used to do that, I changed to "max home base" strategy, all resource handling at the home base. Especially now with the ( how I find ) great DLC Terra Classic Superseed from the silicon lottery
  6. Yes, I found the teleporter could not let enough oil through. Some people had suggested to have ( constructable ) ( resource ) teleporters going to other asteroids, I find that an interesting idea too. Cant wait to get in to max cargo dealing again, I`m currently at humble, basic beginnings in my fresh save.
  7. Thank you for the details, much appreciated. I am not one of these players which gets in to all the kg/sec details of buildings...Practically ~6 oil wells had been too much in my game play for my teleporter to let through, I was sending 10kg on the teleporter pipe. I do believe you, I can only say what I experienced in my play. If anyone wants to lookup the oil well ( had a look myself just now ). Thanks for testing and checking this @crbd115 I`m curious now and want to then see in detail myself, once I make it to an big oil field again ( will take +1000 cycles for me ).
  8. neighbour The game runs as one big map, it fakes and makes people believe its running the maps in separate instances...but it does not. Its possible to see this without using the sandbox editor by having buildings damaged in a neighbour colony and then zooming out ( ALT+S). Currently you will then see red broken items "in the dark" of the neighbour-hood colony. In the entire one big map, Klei shows you visually only a small section and defines this as a colony - Klei allows you to only see a small portion of the map at once, in survival mode. This makes it possible for the player to fastly switch from one colony to the other, as its all running in one big map and "all there". I normally don`t get in too much engine or sandbox details, but I find its really good to now that its running as one giant big map. If someone know how the rockets are handled ? Would be nice to know if the rocket interior spaces are also added to the big map during play ? How are rocket interiors handled map wise ?
  9. I think this is what annoys dear @aresd People don`t like it when someone talks for everyone. That makes it hard for people to give you a good rating on your post, if they like your written content. I found your post really good until this sentence, so I had to retract my love heart which I first gave for your post. I know what your heart means and what you want to express my friend You want to have your vanilla game back ( at least as an option in the game ), understandable.
  10. I can only tell you what I experienced in reality playing the game. I think I had something like 6 oil wells running in the 2nd spawn map and I was pumping the max through the teleporter via pipe ( only oil on the pipe, max kg in the pipe ). The basin`s oil level was rising so fast in the oil map that I had concern the whole map would be flooded with oil ( which I love, I love max resources, Klei may ready this ). I realized I soon would have change to rockets for mass transport. I don`t play that save anymore, I now started fresh again with DLC Classic Terra. It will take me 1000 cycles on the new save to run in to these kind of cargo shipment issues, as I always work on a big base in the 1st map first...Building the basic infrastructure.
  11. Currently the teleport only supports a certain amount of fluid going through it. I had all oil wells running in the 2nd spawn oil asteroid and couldnt pump it all through, currently the teleporter can be a resource clog. If I would only rely on the teleporter, the 2nd oil map would drown in oil ( I like to get as max resources as possible ). My dream, maybe extreme for some, would be able to transport 100-1000 tons via rocket Space Shuttle, or have a max new larger version of the Interplanetary Launcher - The big brother, which shoots 1 ton at once I`m hoping for radioactive regolith in the 1st spawn map, for easy toying around for the average Joe playing.
  12. "I myself agree I already know it's too late for changes to be made as most players are now attached to it." Never to late my friend Klei pulled the plug, analyzed why their dlc is not currently rated as "Overwhelmingly positive" on Steam, listened to forum posts ( gladly! ) and has started to implement game additions. Great ones how I find I find the game awesome now with DLC Classic Terra ! "The spaced out starts seems pretty integral design wise." Only if the player wants to implement the teleporter in to their game play and game logistics chain, my opinion. Any asteroid in the game can be reached via rockets. I do not think it would be a big effort to deactivate the teleporter spawning as a game option. So if forumistas ask for this option, instead of bashing their heads at each other...Problem solved and everybody can be happy
  13. Funny story: Yesterday I broke my own personal rule ( again ) to post something in some FPS game forum, of a game where people can shoot each other. I kindly asked a simple question...I directly got shot in the forum by some reply. I promptly closed the browser window, want to stick to my own set rule for the future and got out the whisky made a radioactive coffee ...I also then booted up ONI, for relaxation Cool drawings for visual cringe relaxation @minespatch
  14. Often arguments are a miss understanding or people come in a with a very strong opinion or "amplified" emotional feeling. If the teleporter spawns could be deactivated in the world generation settings, then both parties can be satisfied, everyone is happy in the end and nobody gets anything taken away.
  15. If we could have the option to deactivate the teleporter spawns in the world generation settings, then Klei could cater for everyone I`m undecided, sometimes I like the teleporters, sometimes not. I do understand players which want to have the gameplay exactly like in vanilla. That is what I find good with options, they can cater for both/all parties and nobody has to leave the table ( the game ) dissatisfied.
  16. Everyone talk about the game, bashing each others heads in leads to nothing. Don`t kill the messenger, I`m ducking down --------------- Seed Lottery Update
  17. General ONI cpu info, sharing my experiences... For ONi 2-4 cores with the latest cpu tech developments and max level 1/2/3 cpu cache is optimal. More cores on top are of good use also for other applications and are nice to have for other uses CPU hungry games and CPU focussed games tend to optimize for a games minimum spec, which in case of this game is 2 cores. So 2 cores with the max possible cpu clock rate and latest cpu tech is good for ONI, with perhaps 1 or 2 more cores for the OS on top, in combo with fat modern cpu cache. Klei will focus on 2-4 cores, until they would change the games min spec ( unlikely IMHO ). In the last 20 years there has been seldom exceptions that cpu games make use of all cpu cores. Nowadays there is players which even come along with 128 core cpu`s. Too many cores often share too many cpu resources. I know how your tech anger feels my friend, been there myself one million times in the last few decades. ONI - One needs to cpu max out the games cpu min spec + 16gb ram running as fast as possible, with fastest connection to the cpu, my input. IMHO modern cpu 4 cores at max clock rate are ideal for ONI and choosing the cpu being fastest in single threading benchmarks - Which your CPU is You have a good CPU choice for ONI. ... lets pray together for further Unity Engine/Klei improvements, amen. Big hugs --------------------- DLC Classic Terra Seed Lottery Update
  18. Строительство РБМК-1000 Obrazovatel'naya informatsiya rmbk ot doktora babby rmbk educational information, dr. babba Electrone Centrale, Isotopa Facilita 139
  19. Hey @aresd Hope you are well. If you like, have a look at the new Terra dlc classic map...I find its really fun to play now The last thing I`m really missing is that Regolith rains down from the sky - I guess Klei is still figuring out how to not make it too hard for players to launch rockets. I would find it great if they rain down Radioactive Regolith. Hopefully Klei will someday give players the option to switch off the teleporter spawns. Seed resource lottery
  20. @JRup Thats sweet like sugar, I hope Klei implements more chillout woodstock elements in to the game. Some have suggested Helium in the past, for funny dupe talks. It would be nice if we also had a 80s cocktail bar, where they serve "Piña Dolada" Imagine a Piña Dolada cocktail bar in @ScreamingPict`s nice base