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  1. [Game Update] - 289764

    Uploading save games can help, sometimes others load them to see if they have the same problem. Maybe my question is totally unrelated: Any chance you guys have built right on the last tile of the map top and/or to the last tile on the left/right on the map ? If "No", then just forget my question...Im making a nice coffee now
  2. Monoxide Memes

    I believed I was 10/10 on the geek scale, then I came to here by accident and now Im believe im 1/10. This legal place here makes me think of 4chan 20 years ago. Maybe here is some inspiration for ONI memes...
  3. [Game Update] - 289764

    Cheerio is talking of this one:
  4. [Game Update] - 289764

    Hey crypticorb What bothers me most is the load time of the names list and the usability of scrolling in that list. Playing with lots of dupes reveals computing bottlenecks, which affect all or most players. IMHO Send/assign all dupes to (med)beds would be a great function, avoiding pulling and displaying the names list too often.
  5. [Game Update] - 289764

    I got tired of manually assigning dupes to a hundred med beds, so now I only need to build beds and hope that some auto bed assignment works. If not, then please make the auto assignment of (med)beds work, thank you. I see a guy on my map and I see hes injured. Then I have to move to my medbed area and I cant figure out which of the 10 Gossmann it is and I have to scroll through a pile of names just to find the Gossmans. Calling the names list also creates too much cpu load. Also the bed assignments constantly get forgotten and are gone. A button/function would be great - Send/assign all dupes to (med)beds. Skipping the call and display of the names list could release a little bit of cpu load for players, even for those which play with a few dupes.
  6. Mhhh cant wait to play again, super coolant & lots of advanced space tech stuff, mhh yumyyyyyy !
  7. Its a single core game...Lots of threads in the forum on the details. The change of settings would be to swap the cpu xD
  8. Do dead dupes still catch a cold, get popped eardrums and such as they are laying around? Need to fire ONI up again, haven't played for a while...