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  1. What if the proposed tube food can only be transported via transport tubes Imagine a giant kind of toothpaste food tube being stuck in to the tube system...Plopp ! Whoooooooooomphh ! 60s vintage dupe carrying "the tube" to the tube system BTW still no sugar fountain ditch in the game ??? Elephant`s Toothpaste
  2. e-Compost idea: I miss very much that we still can not produce mainboards, ram & cpus in the game...Also I would like to have some e-compost heap, so that these things can be properly desintegrated ( takes 200 cycles to dissolve e-composted electronics ). The e-compost,for colony electronic trash, could produce "LithiumSilverGoldenbrownAcidSolution" which can be used to wipe deco items, it makes them more shiny and results in increased deco value + it kills germs.
  3. Katching, katshing - The final outcome of the 2020 race is coming ! Booting ONi on da Intel The PC rig on the party boatz explodeded ! I want ONI FULL VERSION PLZ, tank u Intel back then...and now
  4. Imagine a rocket so big, that it has a 50 meter length pool inside, warm @ 87,8 Fahrenheit + 1 ghettoblaster + olympic games held inside on launch with 12 dupes swimming a race = The Fahrenheit Olympic Pool Rocket > nicknamed "FahrOlymPooRock-t" ...which requires a special Minime-Dupe operated Launchpad The Minime rocket operator dupe needs to be fed special food "Hyper Induction Sandwich", which can be cooked in the new cooking device called sandwich toaster.
  5. Candylick Hamburger, Hyper Induction Sandwich, Candy Cola, Atomized Teslacheese, Sugar Coated MooSteak, Candy Imitation Burger, Doublestacked Candy Fluffruff , Caramel Sugar Fries, Candyketchup Sugar Steak, Rigolith Pizza Crunch, Steamed Rockford Candy Burgercrush, Double Choc Candy Rocketbar, Desintegrated Flipchips...
  6. AMD is the new rocker on the block
  7. I find there is little threats in the game, I love to build bunker tiles and to have incoming challenges with kaboom effect.
  8. If you could perhaps add a comment to this thread about it ? That would be great dear yoakenashi Wishing you good health and all the best.
  9. As title - Please keep meteors and rocket fueling in the full game after DLC launch, thank you Klei. A certain amount of player like the meteors coming down and would like to fuel, charge and fill in the old vanilla system. We don`t know how these things will be in the full game on DLC release, so some are praying for certain things to still be in the game on DLC launch.
  10. Lets pray for meteors and see what is in the full vanilla game after the full dlc launch in a month or so. I cant wait to play the full game again with all the changed and added dlc stuff.
  11. In the beginning of a new colony I tend to cool chlorine down to be be fluid, filling a cool built room with it and then deciding later where and how to use it.
  12. Yeah, after sealing of the heat sources in the map and when one finds the time in survival mode...It`s a lot of fun in the game to built nice things like your great and compact volcano energy design. Can`t wait till the full game is out in 2021, I sooooo want to play again I find the gold volcano`s in a map to be the most lucky ones, as they are good to produce oxylite for rocket fueling.
  13. Tempshift plates have double the weight - In a steam rocket room they take on much more rocket heat and prevent that automation and power cables made of steel melt It would be nice to have "Mafic Rock Pizza" food in the game...Mhhh, nice crunchy pizza !
  14. 2021 is soon there and here and everywhere - I have a useful coin box for you, I stores coins well
  15. Looking at your profile photo - Will you perform voodoo with the dupes ? No offence, my dupes are always half dead my friend I hope you get your invite for a snucky Xmas !
  16. Thank you for your friendly written input. One thing to consider is that a good pc power alone supply often more weights more than a notebook...and I was never a friend of glued up system notebooks which are basically designed to be thrown away, me being a friend of expandable and compatible architecture and components. I`m also no friend of notebooks in general, no matter what OS or components inside - Its all too flimsy and built for the moment. However, a notebook being used as a mousepad is always welcome
  17. Vanilla endgame ! Make now ! No forced tetris inside rocketz ! Emergancy >>> Need reactorz ! Emergancy !!!
  18. Not unrealistic to perhaps get gets shared colony play in 2022 or 2023 - It would be great. Initially we could perhaps have goods and item trade between players in 2022, as a prelude to multiplayer. Touch wood !
  19. I only played 10 mins of the alpha, as the vanilla and alpha saves wont work next year and a lot of content has been stripped for testing. I find it interesting to look at players trying to build max stuff in to the tiny spaces, it seems to be like "Tetris Addiction". Building colonies in to rockets ? Is that only for the "Sweetie" alpha rockets or does that now apply to all rockets ? Is that only for discovering new planets or does every launch now require "Rocket-Tetris-Gameplay" ? Personally I like(d) the system how it was before, but I do understand the fun people have micromanaging rockets. From my point of view, as industrialist - I loved the old rocket system of charging and fueling rockets. If we can have both, that would be cool.
  20. Have you never looked to the sky, seeing all the hamster wheel guys powering a rocket ?