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  1. Im trying to add another mod's functionality to mine, but it uses a keyboard key for a special bind. Im trying to add an option to bind the special action to a gamepad button. Thus far, I have ModInfo: --config option for bind name = "SneakKey", label = "Sneak key?", options = {description = "Gamepad", data = 1003, hover = "Activate with B Gamepad Button"}, Where data is sent into "stealthkey". ModMain: --Toggle Sneak G.TheInput:AddKeyDownHandler(stealthkey, function() if CZ() then SendModRPCToServer(MOD_RPC[modname]["MissySneaking"], true) end end) G.TheInput:AddKeyUpHandler(stealthkey, function() if CZ() then SendModRPCToServer(MOD_RPC[modname]["MissySneaking"], false) end end) I'm using a KeyCode that I found for another lua game. Using the list, I can successfully bind any key on a keyboard, but none of the gamepad buttons that are listed work. (1003 for B Button or 1009 for L3, for example) I have tried to use different terms in place of "AddKeyDown/UpHandler", but nothing I have come across has worked, even trying code from Dont Starve's input.lua and action.lua. I don't fully understand the original mod's inner workings, so if I need to clarify anything else about the rest of the code, please let me know.
  2. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    I havent heard the pro-removal side as much, so I wont aruge against it, but it just really disheartens me to see companies and groups removing things because they dont age well or are viewed differently now. Maybe it had nothing to do with current events, but from where Im standing it looks like it does, and Id rather voice my opinion than not. Thanks.
  3. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    After watching the video, I see where your coming from, and respect that, but from what I understand, he makes the one quote, something like: 'Just because it happened in a different era, doesnt mean it hurts people any less'. This is true, but he only reinforces that point, and never addresses the idea that what we know is harmful now, wasnt understood then, the implication being, maybe they would have had different opinions if presented with our modern perspectives. He did mention that some of Lovecraft's flaws could have been derived from a fear of the unknown. You're right, it shouldnt be a big deal. But what people are really upset over, goes further than this one incident with Klei. Its about the over the top outrage culture that western civilization is facing as a whole right now. People are getting tired of censorship and cancellation based on opinions that (like you said) few reasonable people hold. Edit: shortened quote.
  4. The Warbucks mourning thread.

    Id like to contribute my 2c: Whats with the obsession with judging people of the past on modern standards? Especially after they're gone and cant defend themselves. You can agree that things people did in the past werent very moral in hindsight, without condemning them entirely. One day, something very minor we do today will be considered wildly offensive 100 years from now, do you want to be written off as evil by that generation? Or would you rather they judge you based on the information we have today?