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  1. more like impossible to not play 1. Woodie 2. Woodie 3. Woodie 4. Woodie 5. Woodie 6. Woodie 7. Reworked Woodie 8. Webber 9. Everyone else
  2. Webber: Wicker, can we get Charlie the Night Monster? Wickerbottom: We have Charlie the Night Monster at night Webber: No
  3. So, it will cost roughly 5400 spools to weave a copy of Don't Starve Together?
  4. Webber's Autumn Scavenge the area Search for gold Get distracted by random set piece REGRET Get chased by pigs Try to kill pigs REGRET Find Gold Find Spider friends Find Beefalo Don't even dare to attack Beefalo Set up base Spider Farm (Like a man) Prepare for winter
  5. World editing tool

    Yeah they do that sometimes
  6. Ten Winonas. Ten generators Ten catapults. One deerclops. I'm so excited.
  7. funko pop numbers

    i thought the mouse was yellow wtf wasn't he a bird aswell?
  8. Just like Maxwell was William Carter at one point, Wes' canon name is Lanky Kong
  9. World editing tool

    Simple Map Editor + Too many Items is probably what you're looking for
  10. "REFUND!!!" "I TRUSTED YOU GUYS!!!" "CAN I TAKE BACK MY NOMINATION??!?!!!" "GREEDY DEVS!!!" Quick, everyone! Hide! Hide now!
  11. Walls?

    Imagine some kind of rat maze but instead of a rat and some cheese it's a hound and a winona
  12. IDeAs fOr waLLaCe

    now that's an Idea Worth Spreading™
  13. Sorry sir you'll need to use alternative forms of credit