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  1. keepin' it spooky in October, with that one spooky thing I made up. Asteroid's haunted.
  2. Keep in mind that the Klei devs and animators are working with much different tools than you, so it is unfair to yourself to compare your art to theirs. I'd recommend not drawing every single raindrop, but rather finding a different sort of shortcut. For example (assuming you will be using pencil), shade the background as you please and then use a sharp eraser to take out some lines. Rain drops IRL are not super distinct and visible since they move so quickly, so you may want to try simulating that. This way you won't have to shade around each and every raindrop, making the background look weird. Tip for shading (again assuming you are using pencil) You can use a paper towel or tissue to smear the graphite around, making it much smoother. This way you may be able to get a cloudy look without needing to meticulously make sure your pencil equally covers every square millimetre of the paper. If we are looking up at the shopkeeper, we should be looking at the underside of their umbrella. You can retain the mystery by shading the interior of the umbrella and the shopkeeper's head as darkly as you can. Lastly, I'd say your background is pretty good already. However, in the lower left at least, the trees are too regular in size and height. Maybe make the leftmost two a single larger tree to add some variation. Good luck.
  3. Some of the skin tones don't seem to fit all that well with the overall colour aesthetic of the game. Things were probably kept minimal for the sake of consistency... or minimalism or file sizes or somethin I dunno Yo @Savin, Watermelen seeks knowledge.
  4. Can confirm that Later Alligator is amazing.
  5. Read Pablo by Julie Birmant and Clement Oubrerie. A Graphic biography of Pablo Picasso. Award winning, apparently. Maybe I'm not artistic or bohemian enough to appreciate it, 'cos it felt like it didn't make very good use of it's hefty 342 pages. Some pages and spreads tried to do interesting things, and honestly I would have preferred less pages that do more, yanno? It was fine. It's intent was to show the earlier days of Picasso's career, and it did that. In the end, it felt like it was more about Fernande, Picasso's main girlfriend and narrator of the book, but I understand that it was probably a good choice to show Picasso's weirdness from an outside perspective. There were areas of needless fluff that I suppose were there to make it more fun. It was fine. More for entertainment than information certainly.
  6. That moment when you realise you're just an NPC in everyone else's story.





    1. minespatch


      Does this mean that Sal is in a Truman show situation?:wilson_ecstatic:

      Also, from that one dev's blog, it seems that Falcon is the mustached man's name.

    2. ResettePlayer


      Probably, but we *still* don't know. He's just gonna be The Guy until we know for sure.

  7. Holy heck this is some high-level stuff!! You make very good use of hard edges and painterly rendering. I love how expressive Woodie and the spider are, and your comic layouts are very good as well! Thanks for sharing!
  8. This is some good draughtsmanship! I really like your use of texture while keeping things very simple. Welcome to the forums! Feel free to post as much as you like.
  9. There probably is not a way to express my profound disappointment in the state of popular culture nowadays.


    The amount of scrolling it takes to see any comic Jughead--the true Jughead-- is way too much.

    I understand that this is the dumbest thing to be furious about, but ****

    1. ResettePlayer


      Hypocrite alert: it's been a long time since I've read anything Archie or Jughead related. Will amend that soon.

    2. minespatch


      Just stick with Archie's Weird Mysteries.

      Your reaction reminds me over the popularity of Umbrella Academy and seeing how they massacred my fun baby.:wilson_cry:

  10. Temperatures have dropped to the point where I'm responsible for keeping these two losers warm.
  11. Looks like our boy Agala drew some promotional art for Crypt of the Necrodancer.


    I don't know where to find the full illustration, unfortunately.

    1. DragonMage156
    2. minespatch


      Jeff has such a strong hand at perspective and action.:wilson_goodjob:

    3. DragonMage156


      And we have the man himself on team Klei >u>

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  12. It has been A Week, but did find some time this morning to sketch the bean pole.
  13. Holy heck these are amazing! The Don't Starve influence is clear, but they have their own identity. Bee Queen wouldn't sound out of place in Hamlet. Please keep us updated!! I'm really looking forward to what you may have in store. I'll certainly be listening to Cave Work more.
  14. I have declared my love for the art of Jorge Corona on this thread based off the comic Middlewest, and that lead me to No. 1 WITH A BULLET, another comic he worked on (this time with Jacob Semahn, Jen Hickman, Steve Wands and Erin Levy). As you can see, these covers are awesome. The thesis of this comic is centred around the sexual harassment women are on the receiving end of, especially of the online sort, and especially for women who work in the entertainment industries. However, that does not detract from the quality of the comic. It's a polished, solid piece of work, and stronger for having a fundamental purpose. Genre-wise, it's "near future" with some horror/thriller elements. And boy does it do that well. There was at least one point in the comic that had my heart rate increasing, which cannot be said for everything that tries horror. It's more explicit in language than imagery (imagery is more "implicit", but yanno... viewer discretion is advised. Also blood and mild gore.)
  15. All of this is okay because it was done for science.
  16. Doodle/sketch dump moving into Inktober. Dumb Comics Concerning Bugs Steve/Falcon/???, because Of Course NPC Appreciation (best drawings in this post!)
  17. Well done on completing your project! It looks wonderful.
  18. M-maybe they actually met once?



    I guess I'll just make stupid fanfiction about friendships that never happened. cries

    Note that I love this game as it is now. I just also really love "Power of Friendship" bullcrap and the thought of taking on a horrible, unforgiving world with your best buds by your side. It gets me all sentimental.


    I don't have an excuse to upload this one. It's my favourite card illustration probably.


    Also maybe confirms my theory that Smith is a really big dude.


    1. minespatch


      On 7/21/2019 at 5:17 PM, minespatch said:



    2. ResettePlayer


      For a bit there I thought that 2017 Griftlands could potentially exist in the same timeline as 2019 Griftlands, but things don't really line up. The current story is that Sal zipped straight to Murder Bay on her quest for vengeance as soon as she bought her freedom.

      But then again she purchased her freedom from working as a bounty hunter... and Smith is a known thug...



      Then maybe she did hunt him at some point? Steve/Falcon/??? doesn't really have a place here, but--


      Steve may have visited the Grog 'n Dog at some point.


      ... and subsequently suffered from Fsshcake consumption.



    3. minespatch


      Looks like the cards are telling a story too.

  19. Is Woodie a man with a curse or is he some sort of demigod?
  20. Not to stray too far off topic, but that is disproportionately funny.