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  1. Alright here are some more lovely arts and animations. It's wild to think of how confident the devs were before they realised this wasn't quite the game they wanted to make.
  2. I dunno. Half the time you're doing something nice for someone Rook complains quite audibly. "Ugh why is it always me." It's hilarious, as if there are few things he hates more than his own conscious.
  3. These haven't been valid in... ever, but since Smith slides have come up, thought I'd share. Not sure if it's okay to post these, since this is not current or future content. Mods/admins, strike me down if this crosses a line. I love this second one a whole lot. That frickin' hand at the top of the frame there. The dude with the atomic elbow. Good stuff. It's a shame that all this beautiful work had to be thrown out, but the needs of the game have changed over the past 3+ years. It happens.
  4. Thank you very much! and hey, you know what's less work than animation and still awesome--yeah, comics. Comics are rad and underrated.
  5. I DUNNO BUT SHE'S COOL My favourite is probably this person:
  6. I should come clean: this whole thing was inspired by an ancient piece of concept art by Aaron Bouthillier. Hebbel is basically a square.
  7. oh mah gaaaahd Smith's father has a monocle that's as disappointed as he is
  8. Good food brings you closer to Hesh. Also stress eating. However, I do apologise for my offensive behaviour. Perhaps an improved drawing is necessary.
  9. [clears throat] Hrrm if we may, ah, get back on topic, is there a Moreef build? I need to know what his legs look like. What shoes he's wearing. Our beloved, sweet Moreef in all his magnificence, if it's not too much trouble.
  10. This is quite possibly one of the funniest exchanges in the game.
  11. OH BOY NOW WE LIVIN' LARGE Very excited to see Havarian high life in contrast to the abject lower-class misery of Murder Bay and Grout Bog. With the complexity of the layering and effects added to make the final backgrounds, it is quite likely that the skies of Pearl-On-Foam are not red. They could be, though. Maybe Smith only gets out of bed at sunset or something.
  12. image.thumb.png.2fe2d8208d02d630bb4acb14f9ba9cc9.png

    This ending slide appears to have Fssh reaching for a gun underneath her bar and that's just wonderful. Still wants to protect Sal even after Sal has proven herself very competent.

    1. minespatch


      Which ending is that for?

    2. ResettePlayer


      I can't quite remember. I think it's Oolo's ending? Pretty sure I killed Kashio as well. There may be other factors that effect this.

  13. Paging @TaschDraws These are so good, goshdarn. How Dan and Jesse continue to draw such fun, creative, and distinguishable illustrations is endlessly impressive and inspiring. Also glad to see a random NPC I'm needlessly fond of lives in a card now.
  14. I'm firmly a RiseGuy and was trying a Spark Baron run. This line killed me. It's like... the Essential Fellemo line. I'll have to draw it. Good times.
  15. Love my boy Cwoki, will always protect him in his insane expeditions into the Bog.
  16. Got this bit of dialogue ages ago, and it was Ban who died that time as well.
  17. image.png.566755a7d29f1ca6b9a472d5c4277c9a.png

    Flavour text in Griftlands be like

  18. Picked it up from the datamining thread. (reply merge) An acquaintance of mine has had a realisation