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  1. image.png.cf619effbc4e93dd4ca92a7293b62426.png

    Might be my new favourite illustration. Gosh these things are good.

    1. minespatch


      tfw you're in a argument full of Ad hominims and you don't have time for their crap.

  2. I was thinkin' about one of my favourite cartoon/animation tropes: where the man with the bushy moustache talks with it. Whenever he speaks the moustache bobs and squashes and stretches and moves around and stuff. So it would be kinda priceless if a major, playable character who does a lot of talking and spends a lot of time on screen to be animated with that trope. Anyway it's several years too late for that suggestion to be at all relevant. Here's some Rook hype where he actually has a mouth kinda.
  3. Good luck on your journey! This drawing looks pretty nice, so I hope you keep practising.
  4. Ah yes, beautifully apologising to Joe in the actual text of your actual sketchbook, which shall be eternal.
  5. A good Earthbound remix.
  6. image.png.0305e06fd5aa1380e36c423eff474922.png





    1. DragonMage156
    2. ResettePlayer


      I tweeted randomly that I really liked his comic Middlewest (without hashtags) but I suppose he has the ability to see tweets with certain keywords.

      He's a really good artist and writer so I got excited.

    3. minespatch


      I would've thought that it was a fanart you did but that sounds equally as nice.

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  7. 'kay so Middlewest Volume Two came out this month and. Well. Basically as my interest was naturally waning and I was thinking that maybe Middlewest vol. 1 wasn't quite as amazing as I thought it was, vol. 2 comes around and blows my mind in much the same way. This comic!! It's so good!! Things are ramping up and getting darker! It makes me feel feelings and pace around restlessly in the kitchen pondering how valid and valuable comics are. Recently I have also read Rumble Volume One: What Colour of Darkness by John Arcudi, James Harren, and Dave Stewart. It's very good as well! It's more or an urban fantasy type thing with excellent art, action, and goofs. I'll definitely follow this series through. A few weeks ago I also read Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite and yeah it was good too! I love some of the superhero designs and subversions, and the crazy surreal feel of the whole thing. Also a story I'd like to pursue, though it doesn't quiiiiiiite hit the spot like the above two comics.
  8. Do we like crossovers with non-Klei games here? This is Off. Off is indie so it's okay right
  9. We talked about LISA fan game music before but YO.
  10. You just gotta paste @maradyne's over any questionable language and you'll be fine.
  11. Obligatory @Canis Real talk though I love how expressive and energetic your drawings are.
  12. Okay this is bad timing, and I am sorry for that, but is there any animation for the vending machine or is it a still image? Either way, may I have it? Actually, if someone has a screencap of the applicable POIs, that would be wonderful, thank you.
  13. Read Understanding Comics and Making Comics by Scott McCloud. Now, as someone who wants to work in comics these books are required reading, but I do think they may be good for someone who is interested in the craft from a purely academic standpoint. Especially Understanding Comics. But yeah, they're good books, pointing out a lot of things I haven't thought about before.
  14. Got an Artstation and am fascinated with how these thumbnails line up.


    1. ResettePlayer


      @DragonMage156 Well, what are you posting art for? ArtStation is extremely career-oriented. It's not really engineered for casual or hobbyist artists. If you think you'd be intimidated by the quality of stuff that's typically posted there, I wouldn't recommend getting an account.

      Personally I was just going to use it as a portfolio site. Only the cream of the crop will be posted. 

    2. DragonMage156


      I need recognition!

    3. ResettePlayer


      I think DeviantArt and Tumblr, maybe Instagram and Twitter, are better if you want an audience who's interested in the content of your drawings more so than the technical skill.

      That said, ArtStation has a lot of 3D content and tutorials, so if you're still pursuing 3D modelling, you may find something useful there. There is a subscription service for more refined tutorials, but a lot of artists post their own for free.


      You can sort by media to filter out the stuff you don't care about.

      It didn't take me long to find a person posting a free Blender file for educational purposes.

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  15. Don't you love rediscovering things in your bookmarks.


    1. DragonMage156


      Call me crazy but that was actually well done XD

    2. minespatch


      Sounds like a ringtone.

  16. The only ones that come to mind (that should be in the Gutenberg Project archive) are The Yellow Wallpaper and I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream. Both of which are horror.
  17. image.png.18b2a66109e84692a4960fcc4e6d9a6c.png

    Yo @watermelen671 you got noticed indirectly.

    1. watermelen671
    2. minespatch
    3. ResettePlayer


      Yeah. Graham's account appeared in the recommendations thing one time and I was like OH HECK

      and manipulated him into following me back with a lot of Klei fanart.

  18. Pokefusion is good. I'll always remember FEARMIME. Can't remember why I snipped this, but I agree @watermelen671 Luxury wristwatch that reminds me of WX-78. Save 7%!! One time I found a shortcut in Hot Lava and was so dang smug about how impressive I must have looked to all the scrubs. A short while later someone did better by more than ten seconds. Anyway, the gator on the left has been my phone background for a while now. They're all so good.