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  1. dumb stuff once again Thought I'd make The Long Moreef to contrast The Smol Hebbel and Below Average Height Fssh and then realised he's basically a noodle.
  2. Yooooooooooooooo those boss slides! THANK YOU AARON! (or whoever drew these, they are incredible)
  3. I have a Theory about this. At least in Western culture, civilian fashion can be heavily influenced by military clothing, particularly the older, more ceremonial stuff. Look up images of "men's winter coats" and most of what you see will have some sort of military influence. So it's possible that we have been conditioned over generations to find that style of clothing to be appealing and cool, even aspirational. The simpler answer is that Rook's outfit was designed to be Real Good.
  4. I just think it's funny to imagine him hiding that many parasitical growths under his hat somehow.
  5. Verdict: it seems that Rook lacks the versatility of the other two.
  6. Dunno if this counts as "fan art", but you need to see this if you haven't already.
  7. YES this is EXACTLY the content I like to see, THANK YOU! Love this heartwarming garbage. Smith has them in headlocks but he's so charming and innocent about it, ahhh This is basically how I feel when someone draws GL fanart, thank you again
  8. You make that sound a little different from what actually happened. I love how expressive this drawing is though! Looks like you had a lot of fun doing it.
  9. Maybe. It was inspired by that one encounter where there is some guy stuck in the mud surrounded by wild animals and he's like "You have to help me!" and Rook's first words are "I don't HAVE to do anything"--proceeds to help the guy, complaining all the while. He has so many moments like that, it just tickles me.
  10. Off all the nonsense in those pages I showed, this is the one thing I might polish up a bit. That and possibly the Cursed Outfit Swap.
  11. Probably not the sort of stuff I should show people, but yeah. Doodles. In case you are very starved for content.
  12. Since we're talking about the Smith Fanservice outfit again, it's not just the forums. People who play this game see patterns, and make perfectly reasonable assumptions: The people already expect it! Dearest devs, you'll just be giving them what they want! I'll stop calling it the fanservice outfit if it has an actual name. Which we will see. When it is implemented. Right? Tangentially on topic: I am of the belief that Sal and Rook each deserve at least one more outfit. My excuse: an outfit for every day. Who's gonna change their clothes every day? Probably not a lot of people, but yanno, it would be a nice little thing. I mostly want Rook to have another outfit that's a little more colourful. Spies don't wear colours, you say? Well maybe Rook is trying to be less obvious than the Shadow outfit this time.
  13. You mean his titles? Wasted Smith Classic Smith Confident Smith Grandiloquent Smith Layabout Smith (the first one I noticed and therefore the one that is canon in my mind) And more! This reminds me that I should probably scream at more people to play this game.
  14. About the far left outfit Pretty sure it's a mask type thing he's not wearing at the moment. I don't think it looks bad as it is--definitely something someone would wear in the Griftlands-- but I'd probably not wear that outfit very much on my own playthroughs. Perhaps if the mask was hanging a bit more loosely it wouldn't look so odd. Dunno how that would work with the animation build. in case I need to illustrate my point We can't know if these outfits are final or not. Such are the dangers of datamining. I wouldn't lose hope about the lumin glasses on the white outfit since they are in every card illustration with that costume and they are too good to pass up. It's still to early to say.
  15. Psychic coin appreciation. Also, is this our first Griftsona? Yee haw.
  16. Aaaahhh these are so cool! Gotta find a robot to make me some of these.
  17. DAYUM Pearl-on-Foam looks way more atmospheric than I had anticipated. HYPE