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  1. Naturally, however, Lucy is an axe. Does make things a tad difficult. It seems that this project will require some CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING.
  2. Just so you know, this was based off of her Guest of Honour skin, which has a bit of a corkscrew thing going on with her hair. I thought it was pretty cool. I used to work in a library. I learned much about what women are apparently into, haha. If you folks want me to finish the Woodie romance novel cover, I'll do it. It has the potential to be hilarious. Thanks! Though I must say, the posters are easily the most out-of place thing in this illustration (about 13 years out of date in universe). I mainly wanted a subtle way to incorporate a sixth character. Charlie is a very significant character, important to both Winona and Maxwell, and even interacting with Wilson at one point, so she needed a place in there too.
  3. I'm tempted to go through every character's quotes. It's a fair amount of reading. I wanted to illustrate that Winona has been through some crap in her life, most of it thanks to Maxwell (miraculously, she chooses not to slaughter him). Admittedly, the factory fire happened ~13 years after Charlie's disappearance, and Winona had probably learned to live without knowing what happened to her sister by then.
  4. Heh, accurate meme. In terms of lore speculation, Willow could have saved uncountable lives from Maxwellification by halting Voxola production. I guess this means that her horrible crime had good (if unknown at the time) long-term benefits. This just occurred to me now. I suppose the amount of potential lives saved also depends on how long it took Wilson to dethrone Maxwell, and if Charlie also uses the radios to abduct people. If Wilson won even one year later, that's still a lot of potential Voxolas eliminated. And another thing: Maxwell was most likely able to abduct people without radios, considering the amount of corpses you find in game. And the fact that a few non-American characters got in as well. I don't know where I'm going with this. I guess I'm just rambling out my thoughts as I form them. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the illustration.
  5. Thanks so much! Maybe I shouldn't point this out to you. but the vast majority of the faces I draw are 3/4 angle expressionless ones. I do those pretty well, but that's basically it. I'm not sayin' that Willow started the Voxola factory fire, I'm just sayin' that I'm open to the possibility. And hey, why can't all these strangers in the Constant actually have their pasts interconnected? This is fiction, after all. Besides, Willow's portrait has burning buildings in the background. Maybe that's just a frequent fantasy for her, but it does kind of imply that she has done something really terrible in her past. Perhaps Maxwell isn't the only murderer in town. X-Files theme plays. Okay, fine, arson does not always result in people dying, thus, Willow is not necessarily a killer. It's a possibility though.
  6. Good gracious. I didn't know this thread existed, and there's some high quality content here.
  7. Thank you! Wilson's hair works well in a cartoon style, but once you start heading in a more realistic direction it gets difficult. I try to keep the general triangle-shape of his head in mind, as well as the W.
  8. Oh of course! I liked the wood-burning patterns and such, and having a highly decorated Lucy could balance out comparatively minimalist Woodie. Maybe. I don't actually know. I just like the idea.
  9. Good point about the blood. Consistency is important. Maybe. as an alternative, you could have a fairly significant chunk out of the handle--not so much that it's unusable, but enough that Lucy's general shape is changed a little.
  10. @gallusvarius I'm glad to hear we're on the same page. I'll get started on the design in a few days--I've got another illustration I want to finish first. Thanks for the help! I'll see about incorporating your Shadow Lucy in the design as well, once I get started.
  11. @gallusvarius One of the primary reasons I was thinking about coats is because of Woodie's Canadian roots. This was second only to AESTHETICS. Also, thank you for reminding me that hats are intended to be switched around and stuff. I suppose one could still work, but having a non-functional hat as part of a skin seems, I dunno, not a smart design choice. Even if skins have nothing to do with gameplay whatsoever, perhaps the hats are just not to be touched. Boots. I think that it's okay to sacrifice some functionality in favour of edginess in the shadow skin. I mean, look at every other character. It's supposed to be over the top. So I'll keep his fancy heeled black shoes. Red accents. I thought briefly about giving him a scarf, but Wes already has one. And Wes' shadow skin is absolute perfection that needn't be touched, so scarves (especially red ones) are off limits. I guess I could give the coat red trim or lining. Possibly red gloves, but Winona has those. If I violate the sacred hat law, the hat could have a red band or something. At the moment I'm leaning heavily towards the coat trim. I suppose I could invert it--red coat with black trim--but that's too much red area when the outfit is supposed to be 90% black. Huh. This is proving to be difficult. Maybe the scarf can work if Woodie wears it differently from Wes. Wes' is more like a bandanna, so if Woodie wears it differently (like this or this or this), it could probably work. Something I'd like to do is draw the redesign like Woodie's sprite, to see if it could potentially work ingame. That should be a good test for whatever we come up with.
  12. Nightmare. please ignore Wilson's excessively long neck
  13. Ahh, Lucy. I suppose my only critique here is that the survival skin doesn't look as worn and beat up as the rest of the characters do. Woodie cares about Lucy very much, but in going through the amount of crap that they do, he can't protect her from wear, y'know? Some of the red paint should be chipped/worn, maybe a few notches in the head, possibly some bloodstains on the wooden handle. They've been living in hell for a while now. In regards to why Lucy and Abigail don't get skins, I think it's quite possible that they will in the future. All sorts of random items and stuff do, so it's not too broad a stretch of the imagination. Just because we haven't gotten any yet, it does not mean we won't get any in time. Maybe the reason is that the items are character-specific, and not every character has a unique item. Who knows. Like you, I'm pretty pleased with the content we do have, so it's not really worth complaining about.
  14. Haha, thank you! I feel like people sometimes forget that this guy cuts trees 365 times a day. He's going to be muscular. @gallusvarius I was originally thinking of giving him something warm, like a shearling coat. There are a few issues with that though. 1) it might look too much like his Guest of Honour outfit; 2) I'm pretty sure shearling coats are associated with pilots, especially fighter pilots (i.e. not lumberjacks); 3) I don't know if these coats existed before WWII or not. So, probably not that type of jacket Something like this might also work. It looks a bit too modern, though. I also googled "early 20th century lumberjack" and what coats I did find were pretty normal. I could play around with the design a bit; stretch this, add twisted shadow bit to that... I guess I could also give him a hat. Well, maybe not, that would change the silhouette too much. The vest could work, I guess. He wouldn't have the red suspenders as an accent, but he wouldn't have that with a coat anyway. I wouldn't know how to change Lucy to look adequately evil without making her a different type of axe. A polished black handle and a spike on the back is all I can think of. Fire axe style.
  15. You did pretty well at giving these drawings personality, and the potato cup made me smile. I look forward to more art, if you choose to make more.
  16. @gallusvarius Thanks so much for the compliments, Gallus! I'm glad you're enjoying my art. In regards the Woodie's shadow skin, yeah, it's rather underwhelming. It's basically what he normally wears, but black this time. I really like the pose in the portrait--like you said, there's the "I've got my eye on you" and he's holding Lucy in a way that communicates how comfortable he is with this tool/weapon. He's not relishing the power like most of the other characters or showing off at all... implying that he's the sneaky sort. I don't really know where I'm going with this. Maybe the designers were trying to keep the outfit "True to Woodie" in some respect. He doesn't really have any vanity, and he'd probably still go outside and cut trees (y'know, WORK) if he had shadow powers. So they dressed him in a practical outfit with minimal nonsense. Roll down his sleeves, put heels on his shoes, there ya go. I still feel like they could have added a coat or something just to play around with the shapes a little. I dunno. Maybe the deadline was approaching and they just animated what they had. This quote I pulled off the wiki sums up that rant of mine pretty well: "The shadow realm is pretty much the same as here, just darker."
  17. Yeah, it's pretty asymmetrical. Kinda looks like she has a bit of an underbite or something.
  18. Some Willow sketches. I'd like to do more polished versions of the Guest of Honour portraits sometime. The next one is the assumption that her skirt has pockets.
  19. I'm familiar with character silhouettes--it's one of the most oft-repeated tips on character design. Thanks, though, I frequently forget it.
  20. You're right of course. Colour is definitely the thing I struggle the most with-- thanks for the critique!
  21. /EDIT 10/04/19: It's been a long time, and a lot of art has been lost in the ever-expanding page count of this topic. Here is the condensed version: Best of 2018: /END OF EDIT Well, this isn't exclusively sketches and doodles; there's some more polished stuff in here as well. I'd like to maybe make some comic strips someday too. I was one of those people who may have looked at reviews and gameplay before buying Don't Starve, but bought the game mainly for the art style. The game is fun, too, even if I suck at it, but the art is rather important to me. Mmm, such fine art. Though my own artistic goals are not necessarily directly aligned with DS's style, I still have much to learn from it. At the moment, I'm mainly thinking about the facial proportions of different characters. I had (still have, actually) a tendency to use the same facial proportions for every dang character I drew. Though I don't wish to copy the DS style, I am using it as inspiration and a learning tool. An influence, if you will. Anyway, enough of that. A R T. I started getting back into DS recently after a dry spell. Just like that, these folks started turning up in my sketchbook.