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  1. Whoa, those are Charlie's quotes? I just thought they were descriptors, like science machine recipes have little blurbs. This gives me a whole new perspective--time to reread all those.
  2. I like the Roseate skins. They're nice and angular. Red is also my favourite colour. They're on my drawing to-do list as well. For now, however, this is the Woodie Fan Club and I gotta do other stuff first.
  3. Must be the dapperness keeping him together. If he wasn't dapper, he'd be very broken.
  4. Yo, this guy has some baggage. It's gonna catch up to him eventually. And the only "friend" he has hates his guts. Life in The Constant is rough, man. From what I understand, he still thinks about his "beautiful assistant" every day. Roses aren't good for this man's mental health.
  5. I've got a list of things to draw. One item on this list is a comic of Maxwell having an emotional breakdown, seeking support from the only person around at the time (Wilson), and not getting any emotional support from Wilson. What I could do for no.2 is make the fur resemble fire more. Not that that really suits Woodie, it just looks neat.
  6. Incoming Shadow Woodies. For now, a Lucy(fer). Man, I'm upset. All of these just look like modern-day hipsters. Sigh. Such is the way with a man with a beard. ANYWAY, before I do the sprite test, I'd like to narrow these down to two or three. Which are your favourites? Please tell.
  7. A Maxwell that I drew in the break room at work a few weeks ago. I'm not super fond of this one, but I've uploaded scruffier sketches before.
  8. Wooooooo Beatles. I'm looking forward to that one.
  9. These are really nice! The Abigail piece was funny, and I really like the way you did the flames in the first image. Simple, yet good, and it fits Don't Starve's aesthetic well.
  10. Digital is really frickin' hard. You see this amazing art on the internet all the time and how hard can it be, right? I find that nothing I make lives up to my expectations. From what I know, the vast majority of digital artists who work in the industry use Wacom Cintiqs. So they're still looking at what they draw as they draw it. Don't give up pen and paper entirely--it's still a good way to learn. This is a good start. Happy practicing!
  11. Thank you! I was trying to make the firelight especially bright, as well as giving the whole piece a bit of a noir comic look.
  12. Ah, a loose schedule of sorts. Alright, glad we cleared that up to some extent.
  13. Oh, sorry, I thought what you meant by "I wanted to work on this tonight" that you had something else in mind. Like, maybe you weren't happy with what you came up with. The meme is excellent as it is-- I guess I just misinterpreted what you said.
  14. This is spectacular! Take as long as you need, though. I said I'd do a Woodie shadow skin a while ago, so I'll be trying to get that done first.
  15. This is amazing. I'm cackling over here. How does the world allow this to happen? I might do the comic strip if you handle the one-image meme. In the comic at least I can have the other character ask "where the heck did you find smut in the wilderness" as well as "can I borrow them when you're done". Now the question that remains is which character do I choose...
  16. And another thing! We need to see the cover! Perhaps it's a trilogy, and we can see the cover of the first book as she devours the second. I suppose I could also do a small comic strip wherein someone catches her at it, and upon further questioning, they learn that Woodie was a model as a side job. I feel like it would be funnier as one illustration, though. Thoughts?
  17. The best thing I can think of is Lucy's head buried into the spine of the book, like someone used her as a bookmark. Not sure if that communicates the idea that she is the one reading it though. I'd rather not resort to magical floating, but I might need to resort to magical floating.
  18. Threateningly brings out "The End is Nigh" when the kids are acting up.
  19. Naturally, however, Lucy is an axe. Does make things a tad difficult. It seems that this project will require some CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING.
  20. Just so you know, this was based off of her Guest of Honour skin, which has a bit of a corkscrew thing going on with her hair. I thought it was pretty cool. I used to work in a library. I learned much about what women are apparently into, haha. If you folks want me to finish the Woodie romance novel cover, I'll do it. It has the potential to be hilarious. Thanks! Though I must say, the posters are easily the most out-of place thing in this illustration (about 13 years out of date in universe). I mainly wanted a subtle way to incorporate a sixth character. Charlie is a very significant character, important to both Winona and Maxwell, and even interacting with Wilson at one point, so she needed a place in there too.
  21. I'm tempted to go through every character's quotes. It's a fair amount of reading. I wanted to illustrate that Winona has been through some crap in her life, most of it thanks to Maxwell (miraculously, she chooses not to slaughter him). Admittedly, the factory fire happened ~13 years after Charlie's disappearance, and Winona had probably learned to live without knowing what happened to her sister by then.
  22. Heh, accurate meme. In terms of lore speculation, Willow could have saved uncountable lives from Maxwellification by halting Voxola production. I guess this means that her horrible crime had good (if unknown at the time) long-term benefits. This just occurred to me now. I suppose the amount of potential lives saved also depends on how long it took Wilson to dethrone Maxwell, and if Charlie also uses the radios to abduct people. If Wilson won even one year later, that's still a lot of potential Voxolas eliminated. And another thing: Maxwell was most likely able to abduct people without radios, considering the amount of corpses you find in game. And the fact that a few non-American characters got in as well. I don't know where I'm going with this. I guess I'm just rambling out my thoughts as I form them. Anyway, I'm glad you liked the illustration.
  23. Thanks so much! Maybe I shouldn't point this out to you. but the vast majority of the faces I draw are 3/4 angle expressionless ones. I do those pretty well, but that's basically it. I'm not sayin' that Willow started the Voxola factory fire, I'm just sayin' that I'm open to the possibility. And hey, why can't all these strangers in the Constant actually have their pasts interconnected? This is fiction, after all. Besides, Willow's portrait has burning buildings in the background. Maybe that's just a frequent fantasy for her, but it does kind of imply that she has done something really terrible in her past. Perhaps Maxwell isn't the only murderer in town. X-Files theme plays. Okay, fine, arson does not always result in people dying, thus, Willow is not necessarily a killer. It's a possibility though.
  24. Good gracious. I didn't know this thread existed, and there's some high quality content here.
  25. Thank you! Wilson's hair works well in a cartoon style, but once you start heading in a more realistic direction it gets difficult. I try to keep the general triangle-shape of his head in mind, as well as the W.