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  1. 10 hours ago, minespatch said:


    Yo okay I've been having a lot of thoughts about this word. What does it mean to be "official art"? Where is the threshold of officiality? Is the mere fact that it was drawn by a HOLY DEVELOPER give it the SACRED STATUS of OFFICIAL? 

    This is just ~my opinion~ and therefore is quite uninformed, but I think that game developers should be allowed to create "unofficial" content related to their game. Maybe it can be made official later, as was the case with the Sal animation--a dev goofing off and then it gets added to one of the update posters. I feel this is particularly important when a game is still in development; take, for example, this ancient drawing of Telvin, now known as Nadan. Not so official now, is it! Aaron was just doing a bunch of extracurricular Griftlands stuff in his free time for Inktober.

    Additionally, here is a drawing he straight up calls fanart:  Should it be necessary to call every single extra drawing posted on social media "fanart" for it to be regarded as such?

    Maybe I'm just disturbed by this as an artist who likes to deliberately make stupid non-canonical drawings of all sorts of things. The thought that every drawing one makes is given this extra weight of - o f f i c i a l - just because you happen to also work on the project creeps me out.

    Hope this doesn't come across as accusatory. If anything, that is indeed an "official chibi Sal". I'll go back to crying over Stephen's grave now. Is Stephen officially named Stephen? heck 

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