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  1. I'm just choosing to be sad at this point. Headcanon: deep down, Steven hates "parties". "The party is unending. The bass keeps pounding inside my head chassis. My sight receptors cannot see for all these flashing lights. I just want to sleep, Smith. I cannot sleep."
  2. This is giving me flashbacks to the Sal days when oshnus would help in negotiations and that was considered a bug. Little did we know the tables would be turned.
  3. Aggie times. From dress designs found here: From one of those "draw the squad" things Tasch pulled out of somewhere:
  4. This is pretty incredible, really creative and skillfully made. You should be proud!
  5. Guess I have to draw the Grout Bog dig site robot rave now. That's how the Rise sabotaged Bossbit, they made them TOO RADICAL.
  6. Yo okay I've been having a lot of thoughts about this word. What does it mean to be "official art"? Where is the threshold of officiality? Is the mere fact that it was drawn by a HOLY DEVELOPER give it the SACRED STATUS of OFFICIAL? This is just ~my opinion~ and therefore is quite uninformed, but I think that game developers should be allowed to create "unofficial" content related to their game. Maybe it can be made official later, as was the case with the Sal animation--a dev goofing off and then it gets added to one of the update posters. I feel this is particularly important when a game is still in development; take, for example, this ancient drawing of Telvin, now known as Nadan. Not so official now, is it! Aaron was just doing a bunch of extracurricular Griftlands stuff in his free time for Inktober. Additionally, here is a drawing he straight up calls fanart: Should it be necessary to call every single extra drawing posted on social media "fanart" for it to be regarded as such? Maybe I'm just disturbed by this as an artist who likes to deliberately make stupid non-canonical drawings of all sorts of things. The thought that every drawing one makes is given this extra weight of - o f f i c i a l - just because you happen to also work on the project creeps me out. Hope this doesn't come across as accusatory. If anything, that is indeed an "official chibi Sal". I'll go back to crying over Stephen's grave now. Is Stephen officially named Stephen? heck
  7. I'm back already! With work doodles! ol' boy can't party like he used to.
  8. It's Monday morning! Despair and pain! Yes yes this is a very archaic bathroom, please do not point that out. Now you all surely know I like talkin' 'bout subtext and heeeyyyyy here we have a fella who's always hidin' stuff, to the point where it harms him quite literally. Could the parasites represent a specific type of baggage? If you consider the card flavour text and illustrations, you can sort of get an additional layer of narrative: the transformation into a literal monster. Turning into this monster requires some deliberate action on your part, but on the flip side, treating it is like cutting a piece of yourself out with lasting damage. So what are the parasites? In this essay I will-- Hey you know, ever since Rook was originally implemented, I've been thinking of the traumas usually sustained by war veterans. It's baaarely touched upon in his campaign, only in his first introductory slide. He could no longer handle the soldier's life so he left the Admiralty. In contrast to Sal's campaign where the derricks and their influence on her comes up again and again and are the core of her entire quest, Rook's Admiralty past is usually brought up by other people. Especially by Fellemo--I don't even need to say that. Fellemo revels in what Rook chose to leave behind, and, perhaps, this is where the parasites come in. Shortly after reuniting with his "old war buddy" whom he has only made contact with due to necessity, Rook proceeds to get all shucked up internally. Whether he chooses to embrace this monster and twist this awful thing to his advantage is up in the air. ...this is more abstract than what GL usually goes for. hue hue Griftlands video essays 2021 hue hue
  9. Mmmm, my love of robots might trump my love of Smith...
  10. It's good that Snack has returned... Lumack [wheezing]
  11. Once upon a time in a Discord server... Look, I don't know anything about anything, but if their interactions are like that on Day 1, this is gonna be Day 3. Heck, even Day 2 if the campaign is going to be as face paced as it appears. Also may have seen a WIP, keep your eyed peeled for more of that Smith and Moreef content, folks. And feel free to make your own, heh heh.
  12. Realised I had already made a Rook sprite months ago and only needed the Fellemore, so uh... yeah. No actual mod, just some graphics exchanged. Sticky's still in the background, even. track: This is for you @Wumpus the 19th Fellemore at 100% in case anyone was curious. Got this done before lunch so I can't be too mad.
  13. Well I was PLANNING to go to bed tonight Also, how does this game keep getting better, where is the cap, the ceiling...
  14. Bro, I am this close to making Painful-style sprites and modding them into the game. That would take too long for a sh*tpost that, like, three people on the internet might appreciate. Because then I'd be like "oh gotta do an entire moveset and animations for Rook and make this an actual battle" and all that. Very tempting though... ...I suppose I could just mod the cutscene and let Rook metamorphose into Brad... that's fine... I'm struggling to get over how cute and apt this is, love it!
  15. Fellongmo is forever Lisa: The Painful reference. Were I cleverer, I'd rewrite Sticky/Fellemo's lines to actually make sense to say to Rook. Also a long overdue Vampire Sal And Hebbel passed out in his recliner: classic old guy move.
  16. "I've been seen having a friendly chat with a prominent Spark Baron"
  17. Doodling as I "trained" a fellow employee at work and was only slightly useful 20% of the time maybe. Not all of these pages were drawn over one shift, but over half of them were done today as the guy pretty much knows the stuff already and I was kinda just there. Griftlands is a poison on the mind.