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  1. [inhales deeply] Ah, theories.

    I like to think that kra'deshi and oshnu do come from the same planet, both being invasive species as it were. Out there is their home planet, where every animal has eye stalks of some description. Eye stalk planet. This theory is silly and based on nothing.

    The main aspect of the lore that really interests me is the plague. Either it was a disease so bad it wiped out an intergalactic empire, leaving societies to be reborn on colonised planets completely separate from one another... or it originated on this planet and the rest of the empire had to abandon it in order to stop the spread. That second thought is pretty far-fetched, but it's fun to think of this little planet rebuilding after countless generations as the rest of the spacefaring empire has forgotten about them as they continue to do their star wars and whatnot.
    Regardless of how the Vagrant Age ended, I do wonder if the plague originated on this planet and if it is in any way related to the rest of The Weirdness (Hesh, Grout Bog, other stuff we don't know about yet).


    2 hours ago, WildmanOfBorneo said:

    kra'deshi may possibly be the only native race to this world

    This is a good point. I've noticed a bit of a worldbuilding bias towards kra'deshi and this could be why. Humans don't really need worldbuilding, but jarackles and shrokes are also kinda just there. They're there. That's all.

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  2. 12 hours ago, TaschDraws said:

    is there like a way I should go about announcing when I'm doing a Griftlands art stream cause I actually do them pretty frequently and was thinking of doing one tonight now that I've posted this!

    Things are pretty lax around here, don't worry about it too hard. If you want to use this thread, I think that would be fine--art streams are art content, after all. People come to this thread to either post or view art, so it's not clutter.

    That said, having a universal thread for streams and videos could be handy as well. Maybe poke around a bit to see if there are many people who would use it.

    As a final resort, there is a "status update" function on your personal profile and people can follow you to get those updates in their notifications should they wish. Not many people seem to use the follow function for the notifications though.


    3 hours ago, FruitShake said:

    Did this a while ago. I love this guy so much :_D

    Nice drawing! Loving Smith is a universal sentiment around here, haha.

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