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  1. Guys I have a small problem.

    Remember that time I gave drew Jambell as a Griftlands character? That's all well and good, however, I gave him suspenders and an axe... signature Jesse things.

    ... Was my subconscious trying to tell me something? Help, I don't know!

    Well anyway, I wanted to draw something for Jan and Jesse's shared birthday--what about a Griftlands thing! The game is important to Jesse, and Jan would probably be impartial. Here are their designs so far:


    I think I managed to keep Jesse's suspenders, beard, and axe different enough from Jambell's, so that maybe no one will make the connection right off the bat. If any of you have recommendations at all, please share. We've got less than a week! (I'm 99% sure their birthday is on the 21st).

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    2. ResettePlayer


      That is some record-speed post degeneration. Asked for art feedback and boy did it spiral out of control quickly. I blame myself for that.

      @minespatch you probably shouldn't ping devs and mods unless there is something that actually concerns them, i. e. something that needs to be fixed.

      Anyway, here's some colouring. And I ask ye people, is the contrast high enough? Some areas, especially around Jesse's eyes, are perhaps a bit unclear. Thoughts? Anything?


    3. minespatch


      I think you should add some subtle lighting on the two's backs. Like mainly above their heads and shoulders.

    4. DragonMage156


      How did I miss this?! ^^; Anyway, I saw it on the art stream and it looked awesome! :wilson_goodjob: