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    I dunno if I've mentioned this before, but I withdrew from my art college program. Funny, since I tried so hard to get accepted in the first place (it's fairly competitive). Anyway, I got this email from one of my professors and now I'm sad. He was great: funny, not boring, also not a hard marker as an elective prof for bachelor's degree students. I miss him, and several others. Heck, my brief college experience wasn't the most bombastic or whatever but I enjoyed it a lot.

    I'm remembering why I was so desperate to get out of this rural town in the first place.

    This program was way too expensive, however. It was nearly $11k for tuition alone: not including supplies or living costs. I got a few bursaries luckily, but they didn't make all that huge a difference in the grand scheme of things. I lived in residence, and that was over $7k, and so not all my expenses were covered by student loans. I owe both the government and my parents thousands of dollars each, for one year's education. Super unsustainable, especially for an art program that promises you nothing upon graduation.

    I'm not sure why I'm talking about this. I feel like I'm missing out on some of the best years of my life, yet at the same time I know it wouldn't be worth the cost. This isn't even a major issue: I'm incredibly fortunate to have gone at all, and it's not like there's going to be undue suffering over this. Ultimately I made the correct decision... but the decision to stay wouldn't have been wrong either. Bleh, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

    1. minespatch


      Thanks for bringing this personal issue off your chest.

      Your teacher sounded like a great inspiration for you, shame he won't carry on from what you enjoyed. Perhaps this means that something new will happen in your life?

    2. ResettePlayer


      I don't know if I'd call him an inspiration specifically, but he was a very friendly and likeable person. His classes were never stressful really, and he was just a cool person you could talk to.

      I suppose I was stricken with how he remembered that I (and the rest of the students he taught that year) existed, and reached out to us on his own accord on his own time. It sucks to leave such a welcoming place, you know?

      Something new... well, that would be nice. I need to continually remind myself to actually take some sort of initiative and not just vegetate at my parents forever. I suppose the plan is "get job --> pay debts --> move to Calgary with sister" but that's super vague and things could easily change. Apparently my parents are hoping to move to British Columbia sometime... I'd love to live among mountains rather than cornfields. Who can say just yet.