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  1. In today's forecast:





    Additionally, I tend to get headaches when a storm approaches due to the increase in air pressure. Productivity has tanked. I can't even finish one drawing. blehhh

    My condolences to people who live in even worse climates. And to the garbage men I can hear outside my house right now. Pray for them.

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    2. ResettePlayer


      Friendo, I long for sub-20c weather. Hang on, I think I have a meme for this.


      ^ I AM THE CANADIAN. Assuming you relate more to the Australian.

      Source Unknown. Found on Reddit in 2017 I think.

    3. Raspberry Shake

      Raspberry Shake

      Nah, I live in New Zealand, where up until recently it was always cold. But then the global warming nation attacked, and now summer reaches a blistering 20-30C.

      Honestly the cold itself isn't an issue, its the damn wind.

    4. minespatch