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  1. 'kay so I was thinking of building a world as a sort of technology-based Purgatory. Like a post-apocalyptic world minus the apocalypse. Things are rough, but not too hellish. Bad enough for escape to be the greatest dream held by many. There will be supernatural, mystical, and straight up surreal stuff. Cyborgs, outlaws, mercenaries, a few robots, maybe a wizard. That kind of stuff.

    Anyway. At first I wanted to call it the Techscape, but that name doesn't seem properly descriptive. Then I thought...


    Now is that terrible or what.

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    2. ResettePlayer


      @minespatch Not this time. The comic is more long term--this random other project is a nice break from the comic process. Sometimes when one thing is difficult to focus on it's nice to work on something different.

    3. minespatch


      Well good luck on it then.

    4. Raspberry Shake

      Raspberry Shake

      I didn't expect Black Mirror season 6 to be out this early!