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  1. Oh man, here's a good one.

    TW for violence.


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    2. ResettePlayer


      @minespatch Yeah, sometimes YouTube recommends decent stuff. Got lucky here. Other times it's like "You watched some ContraPoints so YA LIKE POLITICAL VIDYAS!!" and it's rough. "YA WATCHED MEME CRAP ONCE SO HERE'S A BUNCH OF MEME CRAP." Even worse is the drama videos, oh my lord.

    3. minespatch


      I highly recommend downloading feedreader. A rss reader and inoreader will help you stay consistant with your favorite channels.

    4. ResettePlayer


      @minespatch Here's the thing: I'll discover a channel I like, binge watch a significant portion of their videos, and then lose interest. I may return to the channel at a later time, but I do not "keep up" with any, unless they upload very infrequently. An RSS feed wouldn't help me much. Thank you, though, that could be useful for others.