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  1. [Game Update] - 364722

    At least now you can put 2 of the 1kW transformers in paralell to get 2kW protection.
  2. Certainly undocumented, not sure I would go so far as to say not official. In game ethanol has no documented uses. Although it does say in it's description that it can be used as a fuel. Perhaps they need to add an extra mode to the expresso machine that takes a small amount of ethanol for a temporary stress reduction (and a temporary stress increase the next morning). I think something that could really improve the ethanol cycle is to make it so that famer's touch affects tree branch growth. That makes a good use for fertilizer so that you can make the ethanol cycle water positive as an alternative to large slickster ranches. It's a lightweight change that has big implications for the value, and does not make it better for free. Plus dupes already fertilize the trees even if they are fully grown, it just does not affect the branches.
  3. 2 things to consider. 1. Ethanol is not available on the easiest of the asteroids, so unless the casual player is looking for challenge or complexity, they won't be concerned by it, and same goes for newer players, unless they are looking for a challenge. 2. The petroleum generator does not actually say that it can burn ethanol. It is after all a "Petroleum" generator, and says it converts petroleum into electrical power. The implications for new players is therefore much less. Given those two points, I don't think causal players or new players should be a big concern regarding the balance of the ethanol cycle.