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  1. This sounds really cool, I haven't played Wigfrid in a while but of course I'll have to play her again, great job Klei!
  2. it's probably beefalo hat because of the horns and it's Winter's Feast
  3. lmao my friend weighed a fish like 5 times and we were both in pain, but mostly him since it was on his boat
  4. Woah woah woah, what is that? A narwhal or something? Guess I should actually read the post before commenting
  5. I got excited when I saw an update for Don't Starve, oh well...
  6. This bug is absolutely broken, if you're playing Wurt and you get the king, you don't even have to eat or get healing, just either relog or go in and out of the caves and bam, stats refilled to full
  7. Didn't know this was a bug, thought the merms were just dicks attacking Chester, so hopefully Klei sees this and fixes it