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  1. this picture was taken yesterday as of me posting this, oh yeah also we have a rabbit on the boat lol
  2. No idea what it's gonna reskin, but looks amazing
  3. As Wilba when you pick up poop and the pigs go to give you a coin, sometimes their coin giving cancels and they give you a gift instead, this happened a surprising amount of times to me and it was frustrating because I just wanted to buy a house and I picked up a lot of poop just to get grass twigs or flint instead of the Oincs i wanted
  4. Same thing happened to me when I entered a cave while holding Navigadget with something in it, I could only get it to happen once though, the other times I tested it I just slid on the ground weirdly until I unequipped the Navigadget
  5. WereWilba apparantly counts as a strong light source that is stronger than thunderbirds and glowflies so that doesn't work, and I haven't found the poison rainforest yet
  6. [Game Update] - 329526

    It appears that it's only light or heavy damage now of 34 and 45, and items that were medium damage are now heavy damage, as meat and twigs do 45 along with rocks and stuff
  7. [Game Update] - 329526

    Good good, also oof, rip double dodge
  8. I rotate my camera once to the left and I leave it like that and sometimes rotate it to look at things better but then I turn it back
  9. It would be really handy to Wormwood players
  10. So I entered a cave while holding the navigadget with aloe in it and I crashed, I tested this again and it just made me weirdly slide until I unequipped it
  11. They don't seem to be renewable in Hamlet, and they're required to make the Cowl, but the only thing that drops them are Batilisks, which are just in groups in the ruins and don't respawn, which it kinda sucks they aren't renewable in Hamlet
  12. Wait so is the only downsides that she takes more damage from the cold?