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  1. I think an easy way to not starve would be a berry or bunnyman farm, you could probably make an auto bunnyman farm using the merm houses she can build, since it's 4 merms per house, merms have 500 hp, and bunnymen only have 200 hp and don't try to kite, and are also aggressive to merms, it's safe to say that merms will destroy bunnymen leaving the carrots for you to take before the merms eat them, and now that I remember that merms eat veggies off the ground maybe the merm bunnyman farm isn't such a good idea
  2. So you gotta feed the Merm King? I wonder if he eats food off of the ground
  3. Wurt sounds so cool, I'll see how the skins are and if I want to buy her deluxe chest, I've been having trouble finding a new main since I got bored of Wortox (also she's cute)
  4. Geometric placement should be a thing in Don't Starve
  5. New character hype!
  6. Pretty sure overflowing souls causing sanity loss isn't a bug
  7. Yeah, I generally just play with a couple of people rather than 7 other people, so it'll be a bit easier with 8 people but still pretty damn hard
  8. i can't even get all that stuff done in a whole DST year, if I try this, good luck to me and my friends
  9. Wes is meant to be a challenge character, so he doesn't really need a rework
  10. That's a woot in the chat
  11. I feel like Walani would be fitting for the RoT update
  12. Boat pinching causing massive damage

    Boat: *touches land for 0.532641 nanoseconds* Boat: *ded*