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  1. Just wanna share this drawing that I draw lately, I just find this style from a game Identity V but everyone from Instagram said it looks like Coraline the movie, I already heard that movie but I never actually watch it
  2. LOLS I actually draw this with reference (because I'm afraid, I don't wanna make it epic fail), I'm not actually good at drawing hands but lucky, I draw it well xD
  3. OMAAAAHGOOOOOSH!!! DON'T LOOK AT IT!!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . just kidding here's the BETTER QUALITY I actually draw this to messed my friend, she hates seeing things like this, she still innocent xDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxDxD don't worry this is the first and last time I draw things like this, I will never do it again or maybe not
  4. omg, I been gone for so long, I miss being around here and I miss Ds Meme (gonna read maxwell meme the sequel) anyway, Here's my drawing that I made from july 5 to now 1. July 5 Triumphant Wilson while smoking his cigar which I don't know how to draw cigar :v 2. July 11 so I try to draw Willow with my messy lineart that I usually how I draw in digital 3. July 19 Gorge Skin Wendy, she looks more younger than my previous drawing of her 4. July 21 Doodles and Potato 5. July 22 Abigail 6. July 25 this devil man again 7. July 26 Triumphant Willow 8. July 28 Potato Wes... I'm running out ideas in that day I'm so sorry 9. July 28 (again) Gentleman Wilson at the party, yah yah, I know he hate parties, let's just think this is Wilson BEFORE he entered the don't starve world and he secretly hide it from his parents that he hate parties, there are some evidence that he came from wealthy family so maybe he often goes to the parties :v 10. July 31 Our Lil scientist is happy *tears of joy 11. I can't remember what date I draw this but I pretty sure I draw this in the month ofJuly... I was listening a Japanese Song "Amen" by Kenshin Yonezu, it was actually depressing song and it gives me idea, so I draw this 12. Aug 1, I made... a pun... comic... asdfghjkl kill me 13. another Aug 1 drawing.. AN ANGEL!! 14. Aug 6 Practicing drawing Wigfrid in my drawing style 15. and last but the least, another Aug 6 drawing which my favorite drawing I ever made this never underestimate the power of Ms paint sorry for long post, hope you like my drawings
  5. hi idk if someone already made this but imma gonna still share this :v
  6. Hiya I'm back for sharing my new fan art idk why but I can't help myself that I love to draw them together daddy figure wilson <3
  7. yah, I see some fan arts on tumblr that Wilson teach Webber how to shave, it's really cute also there is a theory that Webber's dad was Wilson, but.., that's impossible
  8. Wilson the Teacher part 2~ I think Wilson is having fun with his job.
  9. Hi again I finally connect my laptop to the internet and download my favorite drawing app.. idk why I draw this ;-;
  10. hallo~ just want to share my dst adventure since steam has discount sales and the DSt is 50% sale, I immediately begging my sister to buy the game and lucky she say yes but in exchange, I had no allowance in 2 weeks lol since we don't have internet at home, I play the game in internet cafe so my recipes in gorge is always reset and I don't usually create my own world, I only join to the social servers so this is my very first complete skin which I spent my money to the net cafe and my time to get enough spools and weave it lol (I only weave the head and the hands) playing with koreans is fun (because carry me :v) (because I paste the screenshot through my fb, the size has been ruined, so gonna type it out what we say in chat) drain20: cook is mine imagi(me): yah u cook korean drain20: don't tuch berry plz imagi: rip (we actually loss, but it was fun) Wendy's Victorian set is actually perfectly fit for wilson asdfghjkl I WANT MORE SKIN BELONGINGS aaaaand this is my Ds adventure that I play it at home this is my first time I encounter Goose.. *must hide because I'm not prepared The Tree Guard vs The Duck I bet $20 for Goose
  11. I really love draw them together actually I hate webber at first because he has lowest sanity and because he is a spider some friendly mobs become hostile except I like his silk beard, but after knowing him that he is a little young angel eating by a fricking spider, this little angel needs a hug *hugs webber