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  1. Its basically a remodel but the problem is that Derpson has those thick legs while DS characters are like slim lines also all characters have pelvises while Derpson doesn't which caused me alot of issues like this early version it as for powers not really he may have a DS Shipwrecked playing ball of some sort (its just for throwing around) or a Derpson doll i never posted here which i haven't thought enough about yet its my first mod so i dont know much or maybe ill not even continue this who knows
  2. is about done just needs the shadow line thing and then ill start coloring (the line of the shadow wont looks like that its just a mockup) hamlet mockup art thing
  3. W.I.P ^me >midterms about to finish >stressed about grade >mom says : "i had a dream that you got 2 out of 20 on math and 14 on another lesson, the rest of the grades were good" >gets more stressed about imminent doom
  4. steven universe spoilers ahead (something about DS)


    ideal voice for charlie imo


    1. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      @Quoth143are you making an animation or something?

    2. Quoth143


      No, just a big fan of SU and Don't Starve and Minespatch being an awesome friend. 

    3. minespatch


      I would've tagged Aileen as well, but she's busy on tumblr.

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  5. i dont really get inspiration from anything i think like this : "ok im gonna draw something i could draw DS characters nah theyre too hard wigfrid is easy to draw so ill draw her"
  6. we had an exam and i didnt know the answers so i just scribbled stuff
  7. c418lovania

    1. minespatch


      Torn, sounds sad but pretty at the same time.

  8. Happy Yalda Night to ALL! (you might have never heard of it) Its the last day of autumn and the longest night of the year! snow will come after this here dayā_Night
  9. Idk why but he always looks sad to me Either that or im just looking at it wrong
  10. 1 year ago around this time of day i was introduced to DS!!!! this year has been great i loved the community and my first game purchased from steam was DST i havent seen this much activity and support from any dev except Klei!
  11. image.thumb.png.e4be3b5037b00747b71423adc2607765.png
    i sure do wish ms paint had layers

    1. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      this has changed my life 180 degrees

    2. minespatch


      So... Paintdotnet helped?:wilson_ecstatic:

    3. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      i saw no ms paint thing so no?:wilson_laugh:

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  12. it is finally finished its been a real long time since i've done digital art so forgive me if there is any problems the reason it looks somewhat sloppy is because i drew it with a mouse and its kind of my first time doing this type of shading
  13. The mod seems pretty dope to me. However,i don't know about Witcher and copyright stuff about the franchise and its company so just be wary of the songs you use you might into some trouble. Anyways,GL implementing new songs!
  14. Derpson is feeling quite hot today... Derpnona is here!... to rescue someone? Getting up in the morning, man you sure could make a meme out of this since the leftside of the picture is empty (Also why does it kinda look like jaiden animations's style?) g h o s t OuO