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  1. so ive been left out due to an error does the gnaws food meter replenish?
  2. anyone know why this happens the last patch update made it like this temporarily i exited my game and steam relogged still the same does this happen in the official release after patches too?
  3. This is fine... The one rich commander Attack of the doggos
  4. he actually reacted to it an hour go ( yuuuuuuuuy )
  5. Take your time its not like were waiting for MAYMAYS
  6. to desperate for the atrium jesus healing salve will our rook escape? find in the next ruins regen yay finally made it (it was alot shorter and easier than i expected) SERIOUSLY?!?! BARELY made it with 2 hp XD
  7. Research shows that bringing reasons will just make the matter more popular speaking of wich do you plan on having a third asian new year? (year of the pig) pretty sure you'll most likely wont answer but hey why not try
  8. they've found out were too strong they cannot stop the leaks well why should they literally a week left
  9. FFFFFFFFF here i have respected enough so why did this happen again?
  10. why the mushtrees like that? too cute ;-; DEATH TO CUTENESS MMMMMMM WHOS A DELICIOUS BIRD? Scrolling thru my krampus farm Much gold! This my base btw
  11. Dont think so since he is in his early 30's and in the 19 century it was common to lose your V at a young age a virgin scientist in his 30's is more than willing to date someone
  12. Happy saint(an) night If you need emergency pierogies bring in the bee queen
  13. Wilson's view of science is quite questionable... (credits to the people that made these 2)
  14. thanks for telling but i meant that if you see the day counter its day 11 and i have SW items some would probably think im bringing it from the console
  15. 9 A gift from Maxy ( no i did not cheat its my shipwrecked world merged with a RoG world )
  16. Inventory managment skillz right there watch and learn.... (dont)