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  1. as a germophobe i feel sickened to have a drink that had a strand of hair in it...

    if i die tomorrow then you'll know why! :wilson_horror:

    (i always avoid dirty places and avoid getting physically damaged by objects etc... idk why tbh, i also take very good care of my cuts. people here just straightly peel their scars off like a bunch of crazy idiots, which also sickens me >:O)

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    2. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      yearly vaccinations? we don't have that here if its a thing in your country...
      (if its dying then im going to beat living orange juice out of this pfp xd)

    3. minespatch



    4. Crystal Kourosh

      Crystal Kourosh

      (you guys take things too seriously...:wilson_curious: my health is as fine as could be. i just have a phobia for germs and getting hurt)
      (P.S. by dying i meant the pfp...)