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  1. just like the title says, here are screen shots: small texture off small texture on
  2. In RoG, with HAM compatible,gold nuggets on the ground of rock turf can slide! here are two screens with an interval of about 2 seconds.
  3. anybody know what the skins exactly are?
  4. console codes of trinkets are wrongly shown(as the picture followed)
  5. I can buy Deerclops Eyeball and Walrus Tusk in the store; BUT, i have no way to craft Eyebrella and Walking Cane!
  6. in my own house, i can build new shelves in the place where the original shelf is standing (with the Geometric Placement mod)
  7. I am very sorry that i posted a same bug in Hamlet Beta Bug Tracker for several times, which is because of my bad net connection.

    And it seems i have no access to delete them!

    So i beg you to delete them!


    I am very sorry!

  8. In the Pighouse named Swinesbury Academy,name of things ( which you can make offerings to Pig King in exchange for gold nuggets in RoG)in the display window are wrongly shown as their console codes. But when Edmund(the housekeeper) falls asleep, they can be shown rightly. And you can even take them for nothing.(steal?)