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  1. I'm using a mouse that doesn't have a middle button / scroll wheel. I can rebind the zoom in and out in general, but it doesn't effect the research window so I have no way to zoom in and out.
  2. If you replace a floor tile under a research station while a dupe is using it, they will be stuck there. They no longer animate, they don't get any more research points, and they won't move for anything except manually selecting the dupe and moving them off the station.
  3. Looks like floating branches are back, and when I click on a floating branch it crashes the game now. Clicking the small branch below consistently crashes while the game is paused. I've attached the save with the crash. Just load it up and click on the floating branch to crash. Exponential Doom Cycle 44.sav
  4. The Metal Refinery production orders never complete and keep getting reset if the battery runs out of power. This should probably be changed so that the production saves its progress so that when power is restored it doesn't have to restart.
  5. The Microbe Musher will stop working if water is delivered at the same time as the storage is being emptied. The workaround is to re-empty the storage.
  6. When you enable Sandbox mode, the automation overlay is not available until you research automation. All overlays should be available in Sandbox mode because you can build anything.
  7. I started with a duplicant that had +16 learning. Around cycle 20 I had this duplicant to +33 learning because I would make only this duplicant do research. There was an update to the preview branch, and now when I log in the duplicant is only +11 learning. How is that possible? Did the max level change? I don't think it should be lower than the level it started at!
  8. My audio used to work a while back also. It seems that the game now needs administrator permissions for the audio to work. I use a personal account for everything, and I lock down permissions from an admin account. To get the audio in the game to work I just modify the game properties to run as admin.
  9. When I add items to my queue in the Rock Granulator, there is no icon of the item. This used to work a few months ago when I last played, but the latest update seems to have broken this.