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  1. I'm using a mouse that doesn't have a middle button / scroll wheel. I can rebind the zoom in and out in general, but it doesn't effect the research window so I have no way to zoom in and out.
  2. Can anyone that has gotten the locavore and carnivore achievements in the same run share their strategy and how to set up better ranching? I have yet to get these as I can never ranch enough critters. My dupes are constantly starving and I end up needing to make mush bars to keep them alive.
  3. If you replace a floor tile under a research station while a dupe is using it, they will be stuck there. They no longer animate, they don't get any more research points, and they won't move for anything except manually selecting the dupe and moving them off the station.
  4. Super Simple Airlock

    I haven't tested that, but I would think it would cycle 1 extra time and push any material out similar to door conveyors. Wow, now that's simple. I thought it would have issues with one door not opening before the other door closed, causing the middle door to never close. Seems to work perfectly though. There is a split second where both are open and cause the middle to close. The only downside to that build compared to the one I showed is that once the dupe gets into the room they have to wait for the middle door to cycle before they can leave. I'm using a filter in mine to wait before closing the middle door so that they can enter and leave multiple times without waiting. I'll definitely consider using that build
  5. Here's a super simple vacuum airlock I made to keep really hot and cold areas insulated. Dupe steps on plate triggering the automation. First filter gate is the delay before the automation continues. This can be used to wait before closing the door if the dupe will be entering and then leaving quickly. I use 5 seconds here, but anything will work. The door starts closing and the second filter gate waits for the door to close. This time depends on whether the doors are powered or not. I'm using 5 seconds on unpowered doors. The door starts opening to create a vacuum and the third filter gate waits for the door to open. Similar to the above 5 seconds. The timing of this one matters the most, if it is too short then the weight of the door will still be activating the set port when the reset port gets activated. 5 seconds for unpowered doors is working good for me. Standby signal resets the system keeping the door open for the next dupe to pass. Because of the gas deletion it probably isn't that great for the main base because it will delete your oxygen, but for temperature critical areas that aren't visited much it seems to be working good.
  6. Right now most of the recipes for power items are inconsistent or make no sense. What recipes would you like to see changed? Here are a few examples. Wire, Wire Bridge, Heavi-Watt Wire, and Heavi-Watt Joint Plate use unrefined metals and Steel, but not other refined metals. These items should be made of unrefined metals only to keep the recipes consistent and the conductive versions should be made of only refined metals. There is no overheat temp for these items, so making the non-conductive versions out of higher tier metals doesn't really matter. Late game when you only have refined metals, you'll be using conductive versions anyway. The descriptions of the Heavi-Watt Joint Plate and Heavi Conductive Joint Plate make no indication how many kW they can hold. They should have it listed under effect on their description similar to the wires. Has anyone ever tested if they even overload? There doesn't seem to be a difference and they never seem to overload for me. Heavi-Watt Joint Plate costs 200 Steel. That's 100 more Steel than the conductive version which is supposed to be better. Battery, Jumbo Battery, Manual Generator, Coal Generator, Wood Burner, Hydrogen Generator, Natural Gas Generator, and Petroleum Generator use unrefined metals and Steel, but not other refined metals. These have an overheat temp and should probably allow any unrefined or refined metal. Power Transformer uses unrefined metals and Steel, but not other refined metals. It should allow for other refined metals since it has an overheat temp. Power Transformer and Large Power Transformer use the same amount of metal. Either the one needs to increase or the other needs to decrease to differentiate between them, otherwise there is no purpose for having one of them. Similar to the difference between Battery and Jumbo Battery. Switch and Power Shutoff use unrefined metals and Steel, but not other refined metals. These should allow for any metal so late game when you have no unrefined metal you can still make them. TLDR Higher tier items should require only refined metal. Lower tier items should allow any metal, not just unrefined metal and Steel. This is useful for overheat temps and late game where there is little to no unrefined metal. Higher tier items should require more material than lower tier items. Right now that's not always true. Joint Plate descriptions need some work.
  7. [Game Update] - 353781

    Looks like floating branches are back, and when I click on a floating branch it crashes the game now. Clicking the small branch below consistently crashes while the game is paused. I've attached the save with the crash. Just load it up and click on the floating branch to crash. Exponential Doom Cycle 44.sav
  8. The Metal Refinery production orders never complete and keep getting reset if the battery runs out of power. This should probably be changed so that the production saves its progress so that when power is restored it doesn't have to restart.
  9. Is it just me or does the new salt water never change state and always stay a liquid? I've been able to use it as a super coolant / heat sink and it just doesn't change state. Probably a bug or exploit.
  10. The Microbe Musher will stop working if water is delivered at the same time as the storage is being emptied. The workaround is to re-empty the storage.
  11. When you enable Sandbox mode, the automation overlay is not available until you research automation. All overlays should be available in Sandbox mode because you can build anything.
  12. Did the max skill level change?

    Looks like that's the answer. Thanks.
  13. I started with a duplicant that had +16 learning. Around cycle 20 I had this duplicant to +33 learning because I would make only this duplicant do research. There was an update to the preview branch, and now when I log in the duplicant is only +11 learning. How is that possible? Did the max level change? I don't think it should be lower than the level it started at!
  14. No Audio on Startup

    My audio used to work a while back also. It seems that the game now needs administrator permissions for the audio to work. I use a personal account for everything, and I lock down permissions from an admin account. To get the audio in the game to work I just modify the game properties to run as admin.
  15. When I add items to my queue in the Rock Granulator, there is no icon of the item. This used to work a few months ago when I last played, but the latest update seems to have broken this.