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  1. I like DST features a lot, but my internet connection isn't that good. And it's so laggy in Xbox.The Quality of Life update brings DST features to the Alone Experience And i like more the Don't Starve :Giant Edition so... When this update will come to Xbox?
  2. I have some skins that i want in my Xbox and i don't know how to put them on console. Wortox and Wormwood i have in PC but not in Xbox, do i have to search a code in the files or something?
  3. Mod Screen issue and Host Game issue

    It fixed nvm
  4. Today i wanted to play Don't Starve so i go to Mods Screen and the game crashed! so i played without mods and wen i get tired i leave Don't Starve. then i wanted to play Don't Starve Togheter so i put in Host Game and it crashed. with the same things are written in Don't Starve Alone please tell me what to do.