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  1. Maybe tiles are 1 cm deep, and dupes are 15 meters tall. And 5 meters wide.
  2. Do you have a triple door airlock or other automated door system along the path from the debris to the destination? These kind of systems disrupt pathing. If a dupe's path becomes invalid, even for a short time, they'll drop what they're doing and pick a new task.
  3. With the dupe -> building -> material priority order I described, proximity would have to be the fourth method of ranking tasks, to break ties. Not sure what the proximity button could do other than move proximity earlier in the task priority sort order. This seems by design.
  4. Overall task priority is based on the job type priority in the priority panel, then the building priority, then the material priority. You should see that the higher priority sweeping tasks go first if you have multiple materials going to the same high priority container. I think many players would find it more intuitive if sweeping tasks started by picking a material then picked a building, though as a developer I would be terrified of the wake, edge cases, and unforeseen consequences of such a change.
  5. Something out of space has taken their form! Don't let it near the reservoir!
  6. Or give expensive parallelizable tasks to the gpu.