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  1. I usually can find them easily in the various biomes, but during a recent new game, I spent 11 days running around all biomes looking for them - nowhere to be found. Are they rare now or did they disappear? (even tried listening to their sounds effects...) They could've been all killed off, but so early in the game? halp:/
  2. When you read the bandit stash map, it spawns * into * another house where you can't get to it. Please assist!
  3. Same here. I only just started playing again, and the mouse wheel stopped scrolling through the craft lists. It does still zoom in/out for the map. Please halp!
  4. My game completely freezes when i walk to the right hand side of my screen. I tried making a new game, and this bug doesn't happen.Also tried uninstalling the game, and also restarting my mac. Made it to day 443. Did this happen to anyone? Any chance there a way to fix it? That saved game is unplayable now ): EDIT: I read that someone has the same game freezing bug, but always towards his doydoy farm! And I freeze when walking toward the right of my screen, where my doy farm is too. I think we may have the same issue/bug!