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  1. On the 1st of December 2020 the new season of DST starts. And the count starts…. The top 3 players who have the most hours played on our servers each season win some pretty epic prizes. You can see the stats for the past season and the prizes that were given out in our announcements channel. For every season hours played on any of our servers – survival and endless all count towards your total season hours. You can check the latest list of the top 10 players for the current season by putting the command .season in the #bots channel in discord So make sure you get in early with those hours to help give you a head start for the new season hours count! Discord link:
  2. Over at (DST) Don’t Fight (, one of our amazing admins, Kova, has found the solution to the griefer problem on DST! How you ask? Well, he has written an epic bot that does a variety of things including: - Provides a connection between Discord and the game. We can send any command to the game from Discord and vice versa. Need something fixed, rolled back, restarted, regened? - we don't have to join the game server to do it, we type the command in discord and it takes effect in game. - Shows everyone in discord who is online on all the servers #online-players -Shows us player inventories (to help combat stealing) - Auto stops griefer burning/fires - Writes messages from game to discord (and vice versa) #dft1 dft2 etc. This means that the in game chat for all the servers is shown in discord so everyone can see what is happening, who said what and helps root out toxicity in game. It also means that you can write a message in discord and it will appear in the in game chat - Has an inbuilt language filter - Shows how many days players have played a) in our servers overall and b) in a particular game - Shows other interesting stats like how many boss kills you've had, and how many times you've died - Has a complete inbuilt penalization system (works on a points based system) and bans griefers #penalization-system - Runs a warnlist and banlist And BAM, just like that major inroads have been made to resolving the griefer issue. Having played on many many servers I have found that this bot makes a major difference to the enjoyment of the game. Shoutout to Kova for making this game changer of a bot. To check it out join our discord here: or join any of the Don't Fight Together game servers
  3. Hello I rent DST servers from a server hosting company and I cant run the latest update on any of these servers. The update should run fine but it doesn't I have attached a screenshot of what it says every time I try to run the update.
  4. UPDATE - RESOLVED The below issues which lasted for about an hour or 2 now all appear to be resolved, and all working again. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The descriptions for all servers (both private and the Klei official ones) stopped showing. It just says [Description Loading] - People are crashing out of games in all servers (both private and the Klei official servers) whenever they try to go through a cave entrance. As you try and enter the cave it says " Server not available - the server you were playing on is unavailable. Please try again later." - I also noticed that if i stop and start one of my dedicated servers, the restarted server doesn't show on the server list, it still shows the "old" version of the server on the list. It does not show the "new" ie the restarted version of the server on the list at all. Your assistance with the above is much appreciated Kind Regards Caroline
  5. The servers not showing on the server list is a pretty big problem for us... We host about 18 dedicated servers for our steam group , and we need our group members to be able to search for and see our servers on the DST server list
  6. Hi After the update yesterday (5 October) none of my dedicated servers would show. I reported this, as did my friend who also had the same issue. You guys indicated that you had found the issue and this would be resolved in the next update. Today, 6 October, another update ran, but even after today's latest update my dedicated servers still do not start / do not show on the server list. I have included the logs below.
  7. I host servers through 2 hosting companies - GTX and Streamline After the most recent update I cannot start any of my servers.... with either GTX or Streamline A friend of mine who hosts dedicated's is also unable to start any of his servers after the update.
  8. Hi, Since the update things have moved around a bit. Where do I generate a server account token? I used to just go into DST, go into Account and then the screen automatically came up with server account token info and a button which said 'generate account token', i would click that and a new server account token would be generated... But since this update I cant see any server account token info or an option to generate new ones. Where can I find it?