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  1. The (DST) Don't Fight Bingo Event starts in 2 hours time! (6.30pm London time) Join our discord here to compete: Its a fun and easy event with really nice skins as prizes
  2. Just an update - the password for the server for the event will be posted in the discord at the time the event starts
  3. We have just posted a new announcement in the discord with answers to a whole lot of your questions
  4. You gotta join the discord to see the boards They are posted in the announcements channel here:
  5. Nope, you can just sell your first prize and use the money you get from that to buy whatever prize you want The prizes are specifically ordered in value on the market, so if you win 1st prize but want 2nd or 3rd prize, you can just sell your 1st prize to buy the 2nd or 3rd place skins or whichever skin you wanna buy Nope not any character will be allowed. When you join the server you will see that everyone is restricted to 1 character - all the same character. But we aren't yet saying which the character is, that will be a surprise
  6. Yeah the Letterman jacket is worth more than the Alchemy pod
  7. (DST) Don’t Fight Bingo Event At 6.30pm London time on Sunday 18 October 2020 we will be hosting a Bingo event! At this time we will post the password for the server in discord, and you can join in - first come first serve. There are 2 bingo boards posted on our discord ( and you can use either board, at your choice, to try and be the first person to get Bingo. You get a Bingo by collecting all the items in a whole column, or row, or diagonal. The first person to bring a whole column/row/diagonal of items from either of the boards to the mod/admin who will be waiting at spawn, wins! No stealing from others or cheating is allowed. The mods/admins have final call on any decision or ruling. The prizes are: 1st Place – Tesla coil lantern 2nd Place – Letterman jacket 3rd Place – Alchemy Pod 4th Place – Hallowed Light The Bingo boards are posted in our announcements channel in our discord. To join the event and see the boards join our discord here:
  8. Hello I rent DST servers from a server hosting company and I cant run the latest update on any of these servers. The update should run fine but it doesn't I have attached a screenshot of what it says every time I try to run the update.
  9. UPDATE - RESOLVED The below issues which lasted for about an hour or 2 now all appear to be resolved, and all working again. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - The descriptions for all servers (both private and the Klei official ones) stopped showing. It just says [Description Loading] - People are crashing out of games in all servers (both private and the Klei official servers) whenever they try to go through a cave entrance. As you try and enter the cave it says " Server not available - the server you were playing on is unavailable. Please try again later." - I also noticed that if i stop and start one of my dedicated servers, the restarted server doesn't show on the server list, it still shows the "old" version of the server on the list. It does not show the "new" ie the restarted version of the server on the list at all. Your assistance with the above is much appreciated Kind Regards Caroline
  10. The servers not showing on the server list is a pretty big problem for us... We host about 18 dedicated servers for our steam group , and we need our group members to be able to search for and see our servers on the DST server list
  11. Hi After the update yesterday (5 October) none of my dedicated servers would show. I reported this, as did my friend who also had the same issue. You guys indicated that you had found the issue and this would be resolved in the next update. Today, 6 October, another update ran, but even after today's latest update my dedicated servers still do not start / do not show on the server list. I have included the logs below.
  12. I host servers through 2 hosting companies - GTX and Streamline After the most recent update I cannot start any of my servers.... with either GTX or Streamline A friend of mine who hosts dedicated's is also unable to start any of his servers after the update.
  13. Hi, Since the update things have moved around a bit. Where do I generate a server account token? I used to just go into DST, go into Account and then the screen automatically came up with server account token info and a button which said 'generate account token', i would click that and a new server account token would be generated... But since this update I cant see any server account token info or an option to generate new ones. Where can I find it?