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  1. I reported this bug before, months ago, and it is still there ! Update version 1.16 now. To repeat : it seems to be some catastrophic issue related to the Moose/Goose egg. It seems to go like this : at some point, after weeks of playing without issue, I hear a new Moose/Goose 'landing' outside my view, I continue my business, then after a while if I get near to where the Moose/Goose landed : crash. Reload game. Fine until I get near where Moose/Goose is, then : crash. No Moose/Goose egg in sight by the way (maybe that's the issue ...). In addition, if I now load an old savegame, that I haven't played for months, and has Reign of Giants enabled, and a Moose/Goose living in it (I think this one is very near my base) : crash. Fully repeatable. Crashes every time. I can no longer play this particular savegame. And it seems to be roughly the same error as in the other game. Screenshot of this old game's crash attached. PLEASE FIX !
  2. Speak of the devil and you step on its tail, as they say over here. Because my replacement turned up today, making 505 Games drop a number of places on my wankers list. Still confused about the installation though. DS Console Edition and DS Together Console Edition are there, but the former goes straight into 'Shipwrecked', and there's no clearly visible way of a) how the game can be played 'vanilla' (sans DLC) or b) where Reign of Giants is at. I presume it's all three, then (base + 2 DLCs), with no option of other combinations. Feel free to correct me.
  3. Filled in the 505 form a second time. Another two weeks passed. Nothing. They're a bunch of wankers.
  4. Nearly three weeks now and nothing, not a single word. So, probably another three months. Insult after insult.
  5. No sign yet of any action 505 Games side, 9 days after filling in a form with a no-reply address confirmation. Would be nice to know something is happening. What are those who filled in the form to expect to happen ?
  6. It's unacceptable that this problem still hasn't been fixed. And whatever the reasoning of the game maker, people that buy your games have no relation with the distribution channel you've used, nor should they. So if something like this goes wrong, don't point your finger, and get the damned problem fixed, instead of waiting passively, like a puppy for its master. And if all else fails, sue the bastards who screwed up.
  7. Could we have an update please ? I bought the disc (no downloads for me, thanks) and was confused for about 15 minutes, checking and rechecking, until I went online and found this thread. I never saw anything like this. What is the expected lead time for the proper disc ? Are we talking weeks or months (and if so, how many) ? Jeez ...