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  1. Wolfgang and Wigfrid are both "warrior" type characters, so I don't think that should be a problem
  2. As many of you probably know, there are several unimplemented characters in Don't Starve. You can check out them here: https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Unimplemented_Characters Wortox is one of them, and he was added to DST as a DLC character. There's one more character among these that I think would be a great addition to DST: Waverly. I think that a character who revolves around the more magical aspects of DST would be awesome. I made up some perks for her: - Waverly gets a 2x (or 1.5x?) damage modifier for weapons under the Magic Tab, except for the Shadow Sword (it's already really strong). (These weapons are the Bat Bat, the Ice Staff and the Fire Staff.) She might also get more Health from the Bat Bat. - Waverly can craft the tier 1 items under the Magic Tab without a Prestihatitator. - Bats are neutral towards Waverly. - As she is a wicked witch, Waverly loses Sanity during the day, but she doesn't lose Sanity during night. (She will be attacked by Charlie though.) - Waverly can't befriend Pigs or Bunnymen. - She might be a great magician, but she lacks the skills of hand-to-hand combat, therefore she gets a 0.5 damage modifier for melee weapons (except for the Bat Bat and the Shadow Sword, as the first one gets a 2x or 1.5x modifier and the second one is without any modification, respectively). EDIT: - Waverly doesn't lose Sanity from using or holding the Bat Bat, the Shadow Sword, the Night Armor, the Fire Staff and the Ice Staff. I was kinda brainstorming here, I know that these perks need more work, but I like the general idea. Feel free to share your thoughts on this. Have a nice weekend. P.S. Not a native English speaker, sorry for my grammar.
  3. I agree with those who said ice is already easy to get. He should bring Ballphins with him because I love them
  4. Hey guys! I know we cannot get Wortox from daily or weekly item drops (obviously), but I got the 'Forest Fawn Paws' hand skin from these drops - twice so far. I can't prove it since I unraveled them (I bought the Wortox Deluxe Chest) but I don't know whether it's a bug or not. I thought we can't get anything related to Wortox as drops. Or it's just the character itself? So my question is, are Wortox' skin items intentionally in the drop pool? (Sorry for my English, not a native speaker.)
  5. Rot should disappear after a time when left on the ground. I think it would be good for the game for a couple reasons. 1. After a few 100 in-game days, there can be so much Rot scattered around in a world that the game can lag. A mechanic that removes Rot would benefit the performance of the game. 2. People just don't need that much Rot. Maybe it's just me but I usually have so much Rot that I can't really do anything with it, managing the amount of it feels like a waste of time when there are so many other things to do in DST. Yeah you can burn it but other than it, it doesn't have that many uses. 3. It looks bad. Honestly, if you don't collect it from time to time, your world just becomes ugly. It's bad for the aesthetics. So my suggestion is that Rot should disappear from the ground after rain, like it gets washed into the soil or something. Oh and thank you for your work Klei! P.S. Sorry for my English, not a native speaker
  6. [Game Update] - 334676

    Next Year will be the Year of the Carrat. You heard it here first
  7. Can't believe you added sailing to DST, I love it Do we get drops with this alone setting?
  8. How long does this campaign run? Two weeks?
  9. Exactly my thoughts haha :"D I don't mind the off topic, it was interesting to read
  10. Since we got two new item skins with Winona's character update (for the Directional sign and Wood fence) my question is, will we get one or two Willow-themed Belonging skins when Klei releases the update?