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  1. How long does support take?

    Yeah good luck with that theory. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.
  2. How long does support take?

    I’ve been waiting a year for resolution... so good luck. You will probably get some comment from the devs saying it’s your fault and you didn’t reply to their automated reply.
  3. The original discussion was what do you (as in anyone... not just you) think is the biggest issue with the game, not what random feature do you want added... since we’re being technical here. @Dynamix_Roxx commented with what they thought the biggest issue was, based on their own perspective. Totally off the rails (sarcasm) But @S19TealPenguin decided to play forum police and tell roxx how they were wrong, and then cried himself about a feature request. Hypocrite much? That’s like me saying the biggest issue in the game is you can’t unlock Mario as a playable character. Instead of derailing this thread with your feature requests, perhaps you can make your own topic so this one stays...... on topic, as you so logically pointed out yourself. As for my own perspective, the biggest issue with this game is the company behind the game. Go to your bosses and sell them on an upgrade for some random product. Get approval and release your great upgrade to the public, then watch as all your fans are unable to even use your product (aka consoles) because actually testing it was too hard. Then make them wait while you blame the cert process. See how long you have a job after that. The cert process wouldn’t be an issue if the releases were done correctly. All while ignoring the current outstanding issues. “Yeah we know we have a flat tire but we added NOS!!!!” Like roxx said, if they can’t do something, don’t advertise that they can and then not follow through and go mute. Otherwise it comes across as a lazy money grab.
  4. Fuelweaver fight

    Do they though? Do they?
  5. @tigdrew Here is the best advice I can give you. Don't waste a year expecting a fix like i did. Here are some of the dev quotes on this issue: "Your issue is very specific and while I am aware it really sucks for you, we didn't get a lot of complaints about it" (except for every single review on the Xbox store)..... "I am also aware that we aren't as good with supporting consoles as we should be. We are aware of this and we are working to correct it, however it does take time." (yeah not much has changed here) "we're extremely limited on how well we can react to console issues." (yah think!?) "The team is grinding away at catch up Xbox and PS4 with the events so that we can bring Christmas to console this year. You're next up in the order of priority and we're hoping to submit Winter's Feast for Cert shortly. I'll be sure to follow up with you as soon as I know more." (AKA.... we're focused on how we can generate revenue and how we can completely break the console environment (see latest update). The funny part (well not really THAT funny) is that after a year of having this brought to their attention, I still do not believe any of them have even attempted to plug an XboneX in and sat down and tried to play the game. It's easier for them to load up their tools and deem it as a non-issue than it is to figure out where to plug the hdmi in. I gave them a year to show progress. I went from complaining in a forum to having a respectable conversation with the devs, to here.... all with zero progress made. So to ensure you don't go down the same path that I did.... "these aren't the devs you're looking for". Hopefully you and the spouse have another game you enjoy playing. I have respect for them as people, but as a company they've lost my faith. Here is a list of other people complaining about this exact issue, but yeah, I'm sure it's a "non-issue" related to me. (eye roll).
  6. So due to the warning by @JoeW to no longer offend the delicate...which I interpreted to mean the developers..... let me try this. Hey Joe? When are all the Xbox couch co op players that are deemed a small group going to be able to play the game without this issue, that has been rated as low priority by your company to fix? Asking for a friend with similar issue to @Appo63 and myself. Feel free to let me know if this is the wrong forum for this, but the game we paid for is still broke. Regardless of if we choose to play online or offline, the game should work as advertised. If it’s a “narrow group” that had this issue.... maybe stop advertising that this game is capable of couch co op play until it actually is.... if those resources ever do become a priority. TL/DR plz fix
  7. Screen blinking

    This happens on ps4 and Xbox One X as well. Try again, or don’t. You probably won’t.
  8. @dylanware Nope. Don’t waste your money on a cable. Their game is just coded poorly. It’s broke the same way in offline mode with no network connection. Also don’t waste your time expecting a dev to offer any actual advice either. Look at every other forum that mentions lag. Every forum that asks about lag is in return greeted by lag from the devs. Time after time the devs have shown just how little they care about your issue. Why would they fix something when you’ve already paid them? If connecting an Xbox and doing basic tests is too complex for them already, they will certainly never figure out your problem. Horrible company. Best advice I can give you is to abandon all hope for an actual fix to your issue.
  9. Well that was a lot of anticipation for a whole lot of nothing. Games still broke, amazingly worse lag. Day 3 on default size world. I’ll check back next year. Maybe I can play this game by then, but I doubt it.
  10. @JanH A ballpark estimate on ETA would be nice as there really is no incentive to create a world that you wish to build up over time if the update won’t impact it, which means there is no incentive to play the game until the update is released if you’re experiencing this issue.
  11. @JanH how will this impact previous saves on worlds created with a default size once the update is released? If default is also being adjusted, will a new world need to be generated to see the benefits? What will happen to save files that currently have a world size of huge if they are attempted to load after update?
  12. Sorry dude, problem is too complex / they’re too lazy to acknowledge it. They figured out the keyboard part at least and seem to be able to comprehend replying to simple questions that arise where they can get their ninja redirect skills on (see attached.... same dude was alerted to this issue a month ago, as well as general email to their support email). If the problem involves thought however, forget about it. Give up and don’t waste your time expecting anything professional from this company.
  13. No way! You mean to tell me you spent your time and energy reaching out to these guys to explain the issue you were having with the product they created..... typed all that out and put all that thought into it and zero f%*ks were given by them??? Impossible!! That just doesn’t sound like a profitable business model. Wish you luck man. I’m just over their whole company. Only advice I can give you is to set your world size smaller when you first create the map. Not that you should have to, that’s the equivalent of me saying “you will be fine just don’t play level 53 or the game breaks” but it’s fixed certain aspects of this issue for me. I would get more specific on how it fixed it but I’m not going reward KLEI’s laziness with free assistance.
  14. So I’m curious. Been a month and zero comments from the devs. Is it that you can’t log into the website? Do you need tech support? is it that you simply don’t care what the end user experience is once the payment has processed?? Is typing hard? Big words sometimes? Did you go and get grounded?? When can you touch a computer again? To me..... I find it hilarious that an issue with your game and lag is.... greeted with lag. Maybe that’s just......how......................... you guys............. roll. I’m just tossing this update out there to warn potential customers not to waste their money on this company if they want actual support. I mean, devs... at any point and time try to pretend to give a rip. Just saying. Check yo emails. Click on any bug related to lag. Check your private messages. Let me know if you guys work better with smoke signals. Pathetic.
  15. [Game Update] - 117

    Hey can you guys actually try fixing your busted game soon? Thanks! PS... Don’t give this company your money