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  1. Forgetting to pause

    Accidentally left one from cycle 64-100 today, they were doing just great though had amassed 450kcal of food.
  2. Not at the moment but mostly because I haven't seen proximity make much of a difference in the past so I just haven't bothered yet.
  3. I'll usually have Builders with Everything at >> except Dig and Build at - and Supply at > (and Life Support at - but that's unrelated). This will tend to have them supply their own construction materials in many cases.
  4. Note, overcrowding will make them glum....
  5. [Game Update] - 358820

    Don't forget you have task priorities and building priorities. Task priorities take precedence and are set per duplicant through the top priority button menu. There is a default hierarchy of priorities there from left to right. I suggest if you can't get your cooks to cook set ALL of their priorities to double-down-arrows, then bring cook back up to standard (dash) or higher, and also bring supply up to single-down-arrow. This will help the cooks supply their own cooking materials if other dupes are not. Then set the cook buildings to 6 or 7 priority if you're still having trouble. That will help any supply dupes to focus on the cook supplying first, including the cooks. The starvation notification may be a bug. That used to happen sometimes when dupes were running to the bathroom before eating, but I don't think I've seen it happen recently.
  6. [Game Update] - 358820

    I think you can use the "move to" command to make them step off it also, and reassess their priorities.
  7. That is an interesting exploit, and really weird. It'll do as a workaround, thanks!
  8. Can we just have a hoe already to place terrain blocks back? At least soft ones.
  9. I'll go with Klei's call. It's in a much more solid state already but there's plenty of core polish and balance that ONI could benefit from before official release.
  10. @klei *feature request
  11. [Game Update] - 353781

    QoL request: can we make progress bars "unselectable" please? They aren't actually selectable of course but they get in the way of selecting other things like blocks, when they should be "transparent" to the selection process. Also bug on large screens (only?) where muckroot tooltip in consumables pushes off the top of the screen.
  12. Pet per dupe

    Perhaps pets could be assigned to a bedroom rather than a dupe, solving the "following them everywhere and getting fried" problem?
  13. This is probably one of the longest standing unfixed QoL complaints.
  14. ^ Totally these, plus the distinct possibility that any specific value will change again soon and often. A dev codes first and foremost, but will hopefully try to document well, because it's good practice and makes everyone's life easier, but commit notes from which presumably the changelog/patch notes are derived are something written a lot and to go into detailed specifics is not practical or productive in most cases. I guess I would add another reason too, that someone may change values later and not note it, thus creating a confusing trail that doesn't match the result. This wouldn't be a good reason if that weren't likely to be the rule rather than the exception.
  15. Nah, instead let's just be sarcastic at length at the idea that washing in raw sewage and coming out clean might constitute unintuitive gameplay. Remind me not to shake hands with you Seriously, I think it's long overdue to fix this, but it does raise the whole question of wth is polluted ungermy water vs germy unpolluted water and that may require some Klei thinking, but I remember this being one of my biggest facepalm moments when I discovered the stupid idea that we needed to purify water to wash dupes but it could be as germy as hell, only don't have them drink it because THAT will make them sick lol
  16. [Game Update] - 322934

    I addressed in my original post as to why I think building nag icons are not great and button highlights would be better for this, but I agree with the sentiment of skill point nagging when we don't want it. For that it would be nice to have a checkbox in the skills screen (and research because that's a similar annoyance at times) to turn off the reminders, whether they're icons or highlights.
  17. [Game Update] - 322934

    This would certainly help; part of the problem is we used to assign a job and get the benefits immediately. Mastery was only needed to get it to stick. Now we earn the XP then get the trait when we assign the skill point *after* the earning has been done. So we're effectively pushed back a whole level from the prior system. I don't expect the changes to be reversed but I feel like this revised skill/job approach was a fix in search of a problem. What couldn't be resolved by tweaking the existing system? Not to tell you (Klei) how to do your jobs but I am a developer/designer and it seems like a big change to push through this late in the cycle. (But my opinion is subjective since I find the changes worse than before.) More constructively, can we highlight the skill button (orange or something) when there are skill points available? Maybe with a little number count of the points on it? This would also be handy for research not selected, that sort of thing. There are so many notifications sometimes that it's annoying and easy for things to get lost, not to mention a PITA when you click on one as one above it vanishes so you accidentally click on the notification below as it scrolls up. And the icons on buildings lose their usefulness when they're lost among a thousand sweep orders. Generally I think a UI revise and polish pass would be helpful. Not restructuring everything, but reviewing with UX in mind. Mind dump: Icons are too similar to each other and differ from their related overlays. Sweep and mop task icons swamp everything and perhaps need a change. Notifications include Action items as well as Info items and sometimes it makes no sense as to why an Info can't be an Action or Actions get lost in Infos, nor is bundling them working for (for example) Skill Points. (Btw I figured out my confusion on Attributes and Skills - there's a notification bug when an Attribute (like Athletics) increases that refers to it as a Skill increase.) Materials data (the top right tree) gets lost on some backgrounds due to low contrast - sight impaired players can increase the size but that doesn't fix the contrast and clutters the screen. Non-full-screen windows should really be resizeable (eg. schedules, more than 2 and they get cut off). There's so much data but much of it's buried in to the UI, especially in windows you have to click to get access to and switch tabs around and scroll down. It would be nice to bring it more to the surface and reduce the clicks with smarter building icons, animations, hover info, something. My 2.5c at almost midnight after a crash opening the materials pane. #ONILife
  18. [Game Update] - 322934

    Agree, can we have a confirm/cancel and exit button please?
  19. [Game Update] - 322934

    It may be subjective but it's feeling soooo sloooow now...
  20. [Game Update] - 320841

    Is it true that when mush bars are made they automatically get germs now regardless of whether the source materials are contaminated?
  21. New skill system is a bit weird. Hats appear purely cosmetic? Maybe planned to tie into permission/access? Right now they seem like pointless leftovers from jobs and don't affect priority or anything, am I right? Skill points are applied to job/trait roles, which are now called skills; but dupes already have skills (Digging, Build, etc.) from character gen so is this just a labeling conflict? (Maybe I'm mixed up on this, I'll have to check later since I quit the game already.) It's a bit strange to have skill points suddenly materialize for no obvious reason then instantly you give a dupe a skill slot that may have nothing to do with whatever it's been doing. It is much more disconnected than the previous 'leveling up' your job model. I like the apparent goal of more flexibility, but it feels much more game-like and not as intuitive as it is implemented. Disease such as food poisoning still generates randomly in weird terrain that just kills it over time. What's the point of putting food poisoning in rock that is gone before you'll ever dig to it? Or slime in hot algae that will die off if you wait? These are minor but contribute to the annoying feel that you've just been dropped into a freshly made and unstable world instead of a balanced "real" ecosystem. Separating sickness and disease just doesn't make sense. Food poisoning which colloquially would be "being sick" IS caused by disease-causing organisms. Heat-stroke and hypothermia sure, put them as "conditions" or something separate but it would be better not to put them under "sickness" if you also have "disease". It's just confusing. Losing the immune system is kind of a bummer but I'm guessing you couldn't find a way to work it in effectively to make it part of the game in the time available now. I would prefer to see it implemented more manifestly instead of lost but c'est la vie. Some of the "Doctor's Stations" would sound better (IMHO) as "Medical Stations" or similar. Just sounds less clunky in English. Morale doesn't seem to be doing much now as others have pointed out. We don't have a conveyor filter yet do we? Just my very quick impressions from a couple hours with a new base.
  22. I now have an unreasonable desire to make a puft air cannon.
  23. [Game Update] - 297718

    Would really like more options to build on top of or upgrade existing structures rather than destroy then build eg. build advanced tiles on basic tile does this. A little related, would like a way to move/transport buildings. Such a nice list in this QoL update, thanks. Oh yes they do. Frequently.
  24. [Game Update] - 277680

    Maybe instead of the fix they should have added the job "Spiritual Medium"? I actually like the transformer fix because it brings it in line with what was intended. I think then we can give feedback on the problems it introduces because of our expectations being based on a bug, no doubt allowing for a transformer upgrade path or some other additional element.