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  1. I don't think it does, don't they just fall on the ground after repair, or did that change?
  2. Movable windows?

    But in principle, yes please to movable windows.
  3. [Game Update] - 364722

    On the topic of the resources list change but speaking more broadly, can we have resizable panels please, ones that autoscroll if the content overflows? For example: it has sucked for so long that the schedule panel only shows two-ish schedules and isn't resizable even on a high resolution. I'd love to see resizable UI philosophy applied to many windows such as build lists, but even just the resources and schedules would be a nice start.
  4. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it shouldn't have to. Not to jump on you for offering help, that's great. But there are a number of flaws and deficiencies in the basic operations of ONI, and having mods to work around them shouldn't remove focus on those problems that the devs should address. Love Klei, love ONI, but to the team: please, please don't leave any buggy or sloppy or weak or incomplete implementation just because someone was kind enough to work up a mod that helps people out. I trust Klei not to do this, it's why I leaped on early access for ONI as soon as I could. They are a killer team. But there's a lot of "have problem x? install mod y!" that goes on in this forum and helpful as that can be it leaves me nervous that it could encourage a "why bother" attitude to some of these problems, since resources could be focused elsewhere and are always limited. But a lot of people, myself included, don't use mods. Gasp, I know, but it comes from me wanting to monitor the base state of ONI especially before release. Other people will be purists, or not want the technical issues of mod conflicts or problems when the base game is updated, or just never go to the trouble of installing them, or whatever. My point is mods should add to a solid core, not fix problems because the core isn't solid. I hope that's where we end up.
  5. Automation Sound

    Isn't this a bug with the sensor? I've noticed it pinging constantly when it's set a certain way.
  6. I have had this happen since day one. I've become used to sensing the lock-up and holding off finishing any action in progress, until the game resumes and I can make sure it executes as I want. But it still periodically screws me up. I suppose if you immediately load the autosave it probably has the effect of undoing the bad command but since save/load disrupts dupe activities it's not without cost to do so.
  7. <5 for conveyors, or I don't want it to get done, or more often I somehow set builds on 4 by accident and haven't yet realized no one is building them. 5 by default. 6 for more urgent build or sweep, aka I'm impatient. Edit: I forgot I also use this for floor building when I'm digging underneath. Especially early on I dig the top three tiles of a 4 tile height level at priority 5 and building the ceiling tiles at priority 6, this means most of the time they are dug and built before the terrain beneath them is dug out, reducing the number of falling sand piles and such to clean up afterward. 7 or 8 for food things. Edit: I also use 6-8 for ranching delivery points. 8 for power. Mostly it's about dupe priorities, the subpriorities are mostly for supply and store overlaps (or operate) to make sure the food is stored before dirt is swept, etc.
  8. Gametime

    Keep at it. we believe in you, and eh it was only New York.
  9. Gametime

    I think you're all just wannabees until your "Last played" says "Tomorrow".
  10. Mouth Breather and Bottomless Stomach don't bother me. I always have enough food and oxygen and I haven't noticed too many breath-holding issues, but I haven't played the harder worlds much yet. Unconstructive, Yokel, Tryptophobia I avoid as limiting. Anemia, Flatulent, Narcoleptic and Allergies I avoid for the inconvenience. None of them are impossible but all are annoying. Maybe it's a problem that it's so easy to reroll and avoid the inconveniences, or maybe that just takes away some of the pointless frustration. It might be nice if every trait had both an upside and a downside, that might make them more worth taking thus mixing up the gameplay.
  11. Gametime

    Too many. Yet not enough...
  12. Forgetting to pause

    Accidentally left one from cycle 64-100 today, they were doing just great though had amassed 450kcal of food.
  13. Not at the moment but mostly because I haven't seen proximity make much of a difference in the past so I just haven't bothered yet.
  14. I'll usually have Builders with Everything at >> except Dig and Build at - and Supply at > (and Life Support at - but that's unrelated). This will tend to have them supply their own construction materials in many cases.