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  1. [Game Update] - 353781

    QoL request: can we make progress bars "unselectable" please? They aren't actually selectable of course but they get in the way of selecting other things like blocks, when they should be "transparent" to the selection process. Also bug on large screens (only?) where muckroot tooltip in consumables pushes off the top of the screen.
  2. Pet per dupe

    Perhaps pets could be assigned to a bedroom rather than a dupe, solving the "following them everywhere and getting fried" problem?
  3. ^ Totally these, plus the distinct possibility that any specific value will change again soon and often. A dev codes first and foremost, but will hopefully try to document well, because it's good practice and makes everyone's life easier, but commit notes from which presumably the changelog/patch notes are derived are something written a lot and to go into detailed specifics is not practical or productive in most cases. I guess I would add another reason too, that someone may change values later and not note it, thus creating a confusing trail that doesn't match the result. This wouldn't be a good reason if that weren't likely to be the rule rather than the exception.
  4. Nah, instead let's just be sarcastic at length at the idea that washing in raw sewage and coming out clean might constitute unintuitive gameplay. Remind me not to shake hands with you Seriously, I think it's long overdue to fix this, but it does raise the whole question of wth is polluted ungermy water vs germy unpolluted water and that may require some Klei thinking, but I remember this being one of my biggest facepalm moments when I discovered the stupid idea that we needed to purify water to wash dupes but it could be as germy as hell, only don't have them drink it because THAT will make them sick lol
  5. I've always run a pretty sterile environment. I tend not to dig into infected slime until midgame. I used to look for geysers and mine the sterilized slime but now there's not much point since it's becoming easier to bypass farming altogether or at worst just farm meal lice until you have a hatchery for bbq. I still play sterile although I know I can just ignore slimelung and once in a while I will just to experiment. I rush to get the grill early and so food poisoning is never a problem. But I did use to avoid hypothermia - it was a big deal and a wake up call if I let my dupe get chilled out too much and slowed down my early base. Sadly now that doesn't matter much either. None of the medical stuff matters, and it's annoying that I can't even send sneezing dupes for bedrest any longer. I LIKE taking care of my dupes and it feels like I can't do much of that any more with medical not mattering much and decor even less. I'm assuming that the full game release with more biomes, animals, and diseases will render doctoring more relevant.
  6. (Aside from "useful to have pipe emptying on one dupe," which I must have missed, sorry - would you mind restating why, Gus, that is useful when you can build pipe bridges to siphon around work zones or empty them?) I feel I need to clarify what my point is. I'm not arguing that if you are swimming in skill points you can't spend them wherever you want, nor that mathematically there isn't some fractional benefit to carrying capacity, but I am arguing that it's largely irrelevant. If a branch of a skill tree in a game is practically, if not technically, pointless then it has no reason to be there. Do I want to get rid of it? No. I want it to have a reason to exist beyond "well I've got a bunch of skill points so I need something to spend it on." I'm coming at it from a game design perspective is all. The Tidy and Construction skill tracks can more or less be ignored. I would like to see this change, not by removing them but by making them more relevant. And yes, once I have conveyors going my dupes don't need to carry nearly as much around so Strength matters less than Athletics. By that time I no longer have toilets to clean so cleaning speed (Strength) is irrelevant. I don't see a huge point at that time in having 3 tonne vs 2 tonne carrying capacity as it's rarely actually used. My understanding is that Strength contributes to Carrying Capacity directly, so you would gain both the Strength benefit and the additional bonus. Strength is also supposed to affect speed of cleaning tasks such as Mop and emptying toilets. Maybe it should affect fabrication tasks too, it looks like you have to hit the rock crusher button pretty hard
  7. There's still little point I think. It's better to push up into exosuit (much more useful to have) and get the Athletics, then put into Research which increases Learning which increases everything else. Pretty soon you're working on automation and your dupes' carrying capacity (already big without Tidy) will matter less anyway. I'm having no trouble ignoring Tidy, maybe try it yourself and see? (Edit: I recently changed from the approach you have used.)
  8. Except you're far better off using those points on Supply instead.
  9. If it were to become all dupe operated it would at least make sense, but I don't think that's going to happen because it's a PITA for players when building and testing complex machines, and because we have to acknowledge the dupes are not as smart as the engineers we would have performing such tasks IRL. So, I think it would be best to remove the dupe interaction from the few that require it, especially switches (no one uses these at all surely), but also valves. I think filters used to require dupe interaction and it was removed, or am I misremembering?
  10. I've been going for three useful interests, especially Supply and Research, As far as I can tell there is little point training in skills/tiers that do not provide traits so I don't consider them useful (eg. construction track, plumbing track). Even though I have never gone to space (w/ 3000 hours play time believe it or not) I plan as though I'm going to want cadets eventually, and I have trained up to that level. I feel like the skills themselves need an overhaul before launch. Eg. pipe emptying is pointless and always has been, no point training construction, better to have a dupe with high construction and train digging only to tier 2. It would be nice if every tier unlocked something more than +2 attribute (zzz). (Side note for devs: I noticed the germs tutorial is misleading: sterile atmospheres don't protect food from germs since spoilage is not germ-related in ONI and it only protects from spoilage not germs, unless it's chlorine of course.)
  11. Gym Gym Gym Ideas

    I think they only check for new errands when "the batteries are full", so with no battery they will never stop to check. I suspect therefore you would need to build a battery switcher that discharges the offline battery while they charge the online battery, then they get a brief moment to look for other tasks while the system switches.batteries.
  12. There's another one in @Saturnus image - pneumatic doors use 100kg metal ore vs two mesh tiles which use 100 each for 200 total. So if you're short on metal or haven't researched mesh tile yet or want the faster build time use doors, and lock them if needed to prevent dupes climbing over when you stack doors. Just remember that falling material will pass through doors when it wouldn't through mesh tiles. I believe he's also opened the active pneumatic doors (though this could just be automation) - in many cases setting them to open saves a bit of time as dupes don't have to wait for them to open. It won't disable access permissions to do this (though at one point in development it did). I tend not to use these if I can get away without, but there's nothing wrong with doing it if you prefer to or need to squeeze every ounce of efficiency from your base.
  13. Playtime record

    Not a lot of afk, probably 10% or less.