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  1. Just a minor bug, when selecting the Jet Suit Dock for construction down in the Stations tab, it doesn't show the Liquid Input as a requirement, even when it does need that for petroleum.
  2. When doing analysis on the "Unknown destinations", after one analysis is finished and another one is selected, the game won't sense it as a studyable destination until you reload it.
  3. In a moment of recklessness, I sent a duplicant to mop up some molten gold from my gold volcano. Little did I know that even though it's classified as a liquid while in the bottle (and oddly showing up in the raw metals instead of refined metals), I wasn't able to empty it in any way. I checked the bottle emptier which listed even magma but not the bottled gold. This is more of a problem if you've mistakenly moved it away from the area the molten gold will come out and it can't melt back into it.